Friday, July 28, 2017

News One Doesn't Like To Hear

Jim's middle brother Ken passed away on the 19th. He had been in failing health but it is still sudden when you get a call. Jim lost his youngest brother Scott 4 years ago.

Then my sister-in-law Jan had an MRI last Monday and the results were given to the family today - Stage 3 brain cancer. My brother had mention a few times how her mannerisms and speech were unlike her usual self.

There will be options and Jan says she plans on living a long life so that says what her decision will probably be - to go through surgery, radiation and chemo. My heart, soul and wish my body was with them right now. They have a tough road ahead, my sister-in-law is a tough cookie and my brother is going to have to work hard to keep up with her.

I go to see my oncologist in a few weeks and will learn how my cancer count is doing. It has been almost a year since I had one and this last year for Jim and I have been rough. I learned a few months back, that my pacemaker has been working 3 times as much as it has for the last 5 years; and like the tech said, if I hadn't had my pacemaker. . . . .

Jim is dong pretty good with his prostate cancer. He didn't need his hormone injection at his last visit, so we hope that keeps up for awhile. We know he'll need to take it again down the road more times but the break is a relief right now.

And it's Hot, but monsoonal rains give us breaks, which is nice - and the storm clouds and sunrises and sunsets are so beautiful.  Fun watching all the birds and baby Gambel Quail come to the yard, and the bunny rabbits, guess I have visits at night from skunks and raccoons. That's it.


  1. Sorry to read of your bad news. Hope things improve for you and family. Great way to end on a positive note.

  2. Well what a lot of bad news. But sure hoping you get good news on your visit coming up.