Friday, December 30, 2016

48 Years Ago Today. . . . .

I was awaiting to give birth to my daughter Juno. She was born at 4:48 this afternoon. Happy Birthday Juno. Where did we get her name from? Well, as of a week before the birth, Jim and I had not agreed upon a girls name - we did if it was to be a boy but that name has long gone into the "gone" recesses of my brain. We were watching a movie one night around five days before her birth and one of the female characters name was Juno. We instantly liked that name. I don't know the name of the movie - it was something about Greek history in modern times, I believe during WWII as I remember modern day clothing for the 40's.

Well, the year is about to be over with tomorrow night.  Should I say HOORAY? Medically it has been one of the worst in both Jim's and my life. And leaving us with several years of medical debt. Thankfully all those receiving payments from us have been very accommodating. And, perhaps, because of all the tests, scans, doctor visits we are in better shape than where we were heading - especially with Jim, when I thought I should be contacting Hospice. So we are indebted to the medical community and in debt to them.

Couple of notes on previous situations I posted on. I love my truck's camper top and don't regret getting it; the seroma turned to hematoma is slowly shrinking now; the ankle I broke is functioning pretty good; I am staying off of ladders so I won't fall again. Jim still has weekly visits from the home health nurse but graduated from his physical therapy just before Christmas. The exercises really helped him and we continue to do 6 or 7 almost every morning after breakfast. The new medications he was put on by his new lung doc have really helped and he continues to use oxygen 24 hrs a day (and cusses that hose that he drags around in the house).
During exercises

And after!

It was so good to be able to take a trip to see daughter back in Kansas last October. I feel that trip helped us both. We had a quiet Christmas, with son Jim coming down. My Christmas present to myself was one of those fancy smart TVs and still haven't used very many of its functions yet.

Spring is coming. I have bushes with flowers popping out on them - rosemary, winter jasmine (I even saw a couple on the Texas Sage just before Christmas). There are flowers on my pincushion and the salvia has new blooms. The pansies are prolific. And it isn't even January yet.

Winter Jasmine


And this unknown
And, see we get cold too.
Here's a toast to all of you for a good New Year. Happy New Dreams, Happy New Days, Happy New Desires, Happy New Ways, Happy New Year and Happy New You.

And may many of your days start out with a beautiful sunrise.


  1. May 2017 bring both of you many happy returns. I think we may delay our departure for the "warm" Southwest.

  2. Sounds like you and Jim are ending this year on a much better note than when it started. So happy for you both.
    Happy New Year! May you both continue to be well and find new strength.

  3. Wishing you a year full of better health and less doctors...except when necessary.
    We are just down the road and thought about a day trip but the rain and cold are keeping us inside.