Saturday, May 7, 2016

This Is Not My Year. . . .

Oh No! What is that on my leg? Oh it s a splint.
Well, I get to add to the list of "events" - a fractured ankle. Thursday, I had been relaxing in the gravity recliner, got up to come inside and on the second or third step, my ankle gave way and over I went. When I could see the bottom of my shoe I knew I was in real trouble. Fortunately, a wooden bench stopped my fall from landing on the concrete patio. I have been having trouble with the ankles sort of giving out on me for the last couple of years but have been able to catch myself.

Neighbor Helen (who is moving away to Toronto, Ontario to go back to school) came and got me and off to the ER we went. Had X-rays taken and yup fractured the end of the fibula in the ankle area.  The orthopedic surgeon came and applied a splint with all the instructions - don't do this; and do this. Ya, tell a 74 year-old-woman how to walk (actually hop) on one leg and with crutches/walker. I was given excellent instructions and the ER staff wouldn't let me leave until I had started mastering the "crutch walk" and how to get up off chairs.

Called the kids and relayed the latest event in their mom's life. Son came down from Socorro after work on Friday and staying until Sunday evening to help out. Neighbor Arlene said anytime need something - groceries, doc visit, etc - to call as well as Helen is available until she leaves in a week or so.

Emailed my brother and he said to learn how to drive the automatic with the left foot, like he did many years ago when he had a problem.  Guess this old dog, will be learning a few new tricks.

From what I have read the ankle will be in a splint/cast for 4 to 6 weeks. I go in next Thursday (the 12th) to have a cast put on. Meanwhile will learn how to use the crutches/walker, figure out how my plants will be watered (I have a gravel yard) think son is going to put in my drip watering system for me and work out some transportation situations. I drive cancer patients to Las Cruces for doc appts and treatments, so someone else will need to fill in my spots for awhile.

But let's end on some good notes. Jim again continued to have a very low PSA reading and did not need a hormone therapy shot for his prostate cancer.  The Lupron is working to keep the cancer located in several sights in his bones at bay. My seroma (mentioned in the previous post) is slowwwwwwwly shrinking. The bruises that I sustained with my fall from the ladder (and onto it and mentioned in the previous posting) disappeared in less than a couple of weeks. There is a little bit of hip discomfort.

Torn tonneau cover, ribs showing.
One thing I did not mention earlier, is that in coming home from a doc appt. in Las Cruces, I lost about a third of the vinyl overlay on my truck's tonneau cover. That was back in March. The wind gusts blowing at the time were 50-60 mph and one gust got under a corner and from there it was bye-bye. I now have a new Snug-Top truck topper. The match is excellent and my brother and daughter suggested that I dye my hair the same color as the truck! I may go for a streak when my "distinguished" gray spot grows out a bit more.
Big Red with his new topper and me with my shorter hair new topper.

That is it for now. I dare say nothing more.


  1. Mercy Sakes, No this is not your year at all. Hope the healing goes well for you. Nice topper and yes the match is great. Take care of yourself And Happy Mothers Day

  2. Sorry to read of your bad luck, but know you're going to love the new topper. Also like the idea about the hair....jc

  3. Yikes! That ankle bootie looks like a total pain in the butt! I hope it's not too uncomfortable. Maybe you can have some of those colorful TorC friends paint it up in vivid colors to at least turn your lemon into lemonade? Best wishes for happy healing.