Monday, April 11, 2016

M-m-m my Seroma, M-m-m-my Seroma

Got one of those. Wasn't fun at first as it scared me. It is located in the area of my lumpectomy; but my docs assured me that it wasn't cancer returning.  My oncologist wanted me to see the surgeon first to see what she suggested or wanted to do. She ended up extracting 4 ounces of fluid from the area and it felt good, especially being able to sleep on the left side. But, that didn't last long as the area filled up again. Went I went back for the follow-up, she wanted to leave it alone - she didn't want to risk infection - and let my body take care of it. And it is as it gone down (slowly) in the last 3 weeks.

A seroma - it is like a bruise (more on that later). She explained that the capillaries located in the area of radiation swell up and as happens occasionally, they get stretched a bit too much and tear open releasing a clear fluid into the area. It is not common but it isn't abnormal. Like a bruise, the fluid will slowly be absorbed back into the body and disposed of. It can take up to a year.

I have started volunteering my time to the local cancer assistance program by driving cancer patients to Las Cruces when needed. I can either use my truck or use the group's vehicle. Some are going down just for a doctor appointment, or radiation. Others go for chemo or tests. Every one of them has had such interesting lives and come from all backgrounds. I really enjoy getting to know them. Today's ride was heart breaking as hers is terminal. She is such a sweet lady.

As usual, I am enjoying the wonders of Spring. Many American Goldfinches are passing through on their migration northward and they have just overwhelmed us in numbers this year. Jim has a feeder outside his bedroom window and they entertain him all day long. I have finished feeding the local birds as it is time for them to find for themselves around here.

The hummingbirds are just starting to come in and as of today we have 3 that I am able to count. They are the black-chinned ones. One has been here before as he knew where the feeders where hanging last year and let me know that I was a little slow on the ball this year.  I had one feeder sitting on a table out in the carport last week, while I was busy fixing something, and he came up to the feeder on the table, flew up to the chain where it was to hang, flew back to the feeder on the table and did that one more time then came over to my face and just flew there in front of me. I got the hint.

My son bought me a Minstead Scotch Broom plant for my birthday and will be planting it on the west side of the home, next to the Spanish Broom. In most states, they are considered invasive but NM doesn't list them as such. They are seen in garden nurseries all over and have beautiful flowers. The Minstead is a pink/purple flower and the two brooms will serve as a windbreak (eventually) for the back door. Daughter got me a gift card and she said in the birthday card to get something for the birds or for my self. I told her - the heck with the birds! I love the Danskin knit pants, so have gotten one so far. When the fall/winter clothes start showing up, I will get me a couple more. Thank you kids.

I mentioned earlier about bruises, well how about this one.  I was fixing something at the edge of the patio cover and needed to give a hard push to something and as I did, I also pushed the ladder away from me. Need I say more? I have an imprint of the ladder leg on the back side of my right thigh - this perfect rectangle outlined in a pretty purple/blue color. It goes from the top of my thigh to about 2 or 3 inches below my knee, with the back of the knee a pretty purple too.  There is a couple of other bruises and NO I didn't go to the doctor.  I am having experiences with bruises this year.  Sorry no pictures, just imagine.

Well, this is all my laptop can handle. It is as old as I am (in laptop years, whatever that is) and is having trouble multi-tasking as I am. So will close for now. I did have to get at least one picture in.
The Minstead Scotch Broom, with sweet-pea like flowers.


  1. Nice to see a post again. so happy your Dr. told you this lump is OK.
    guess I won't be doing any traveling this summer so I have been planting some flowers and tomorrow I will fill the humming bird feeders again.
    Hope you new plant grows well, it sure is pretty

  2. Glad you had no bad news to share. Yep, the hummers are showing up around our house, also. As for bruises, seems I have a new one, or three, each day after working on any project. Gotta love this getting older.

  3. Happy to hear that you are good going now. Take care of your health. Nice to see the humming bird. Nice job planting a plant during birthday...