Wednesday, February 10, 2016

4th Anniversary of my Re-Birth

Four years ago today at about this time in the morning, I received a call from my cardiologist's office telling me I need to get my butt down to the (Hutchinson KS) hospital to have a pacemaker installed.

A frantic call to my daughter at work and her making arrangements for her fellow workers to take over her load at the newspaper and we were off for the 2-1/2 hr drive. The next morning I woke up with a new tripper to my life.

Haven't regretted it one day. I still go in for 6 month checkups and the readings are pretty good still. The lead to the upper chamber shows usage less than 1% of the time and the usage to the lower chamber is usually around 32 to 35% of the time. Did have to have it check 3 times during my radiation but the radiation had no affect on it.

Winter Jasmine in almost full bloom. Bees are happy.
Weather is really turning to spring time and I want to do so much in the yard, but we still have March and our last hard freeze to go thru.  And, my body let me know last weekend that it isn't ready to do what I am demanding of it. Kind of knocked me for a loop too. So am pacing myself - well trying. Yesterday was the slowest I have ever walked through WalMart to get a few groceries (ya, I know - I use to work there and there are still a lot of good folks that work there and I like to see them and do a little catching up.)

Jim just turned 75 & we are celebrating with son Jim.

At the end of January, we celebrated Jim's 75th birthday. He never believed he would see that milestone in his life and here he is.  I took him up to Socorro to celebrate with son Jim at the Twisted Chile Brewing Company. They have the best green chile and pepperoni pizza.  Then we headed over to Jim's and cake and ice cream (actually cupcakes and ice cream).
Here's the birthday guy with his (cup) cakes.

Happy 75th Birthday Jim.

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  1. Happy be lated Birthday Jim.

    Sounds like you did good with your pace maker. I know how hard it is to not do all the things we think we should be able to do. But do take it easy for a while. It took my friend a bit of time to recover from her treatments but she is all back to her old self