Monday, January 25, 2016

Onward and Upward - Start of a New Chapter or Chapters

I am through radiation treatments, I fared very well coming out with little consequences. Now I am on a hormone therapy program for five years - or 1,828 pills. Am on anastrozole for now and if the $1.20 cost for 90 days holds up, then the $25 I will have spent over the 5 years, will be worth it. Am not going to complain.

Of course, I have no idea which direction life is going to take me or what is going to happen; but am working on a few short term projects. One is to take Jim over to see his brother Ken in Phoenix and I hope we can accomplish that in February or March. Another project would be to see his sister-in-law in the San Antonio TX area. For this trip, I would like to take Eggie, my little trailer. First he will need some modifications done so we both can sleep in the trailer; and, then some maintenance work. Son has expressed interest in tagging along with us.

Pincushion flowers just a few weeks ago
Some plants in the yard are starting to show signs of Spring - the Winter Jasmine is starting to bloom, my pincushion flower plant has been blooming all winter but is showing more sign of life now - and the weeds are popping up aplenty!  A beautiful weed is the gloroisa daisy and its starting to pop up and even have one
Pincushion w/snow day after Christmas
that is blooming already. The last few days have been just perfect for getting outside and doing just something.  Just something has included re-organizing a shed, removing some leaves that have collected in little pockets here and there, checking on my iris plants to see if they are doing anything yet, noticing the little leaf buds coming out on the Spanish Broom shrub. Oh, notice my iris are starting to send up shoots too. I just love how spring rejuvenates ones' soul.

And poor Big Red pickup had split a hose - an essential hose. It is the high pressure power steering  hose. I truly believe my angels were looking over me on that one as it was not discovered until I got home on my last doctor trip right after the last radiation treatment.  Fortunately, I do not have to make another out-of-town trip until 1/28.  It would have been a bummer if something had happened on a treatment trip to Las Cruces.  I had them drill out 2 sheared bolts that were barely holding the front skid plate in place too and put new bolts in. Wow, that power steering hose is not an inexpensive little item.

I just had to put some of these "snow" pictures in to remind me that we do get snow here - once in awhile. Las Cruces and El Paso have more snowfalls then we do and they are just 70 miles southward. This year our "annual" snowfall was on December 26th.

Rosemary bush

Mormon tea (foregrnd) & cholla in snow

Cholla in snow
And I took these pictures on my way to Las Cruces for my last treatment.  I just love how the clouds will hug the mountains.
Cabello Mountains, January 5

Cabello Mountains, January 5 w/sun trying to shine through.
Well, it is time to start my day. This morning's sunrise presented me a beautiful array of rainbow colors from a violet to lavender, blues to dark pink to bright orange. The far Gila snow covered Mountains were lit up by the sun, peeking over the clouds, in a beautiful light orange color. What a gorgeous way to begin a day.