Friday, December 18, 2015

Over Half Way Through Radiation

Yup, suppose to be done with my last treatment on December 31st! It hasn't been bad, though my radiation oncologist was a bit alarmed at how red my skin was after 5 treatments so he put me on an antibiotic. It has helped a little but really feel it is the sensitivity of my skin to being burned - I am one of those "turn red in the sun, but don't tan" people. I am using Vitamin E daily and apply it right after treatment, instead of waiting until I get home 90 minutes later and that has made a difference.  I just love the radiation crew - and they are all sooooo young.  Maxine and Louise, RN's, are closer to my age so it is nice to have "understanding" from the older side of the crew.

I did have one episode of what extreme fatigue would feel like. I have a bunch of food allergies (not intolerances) and some of them I stay away from and a few others I eat on a low level to maintain a "tolerance" level - like potatoes and beans and a little soy.  I had made some chili and usually just put a small amount of beans in the chili (the amount being the same as I always did) because you have to have beans in your chili!  For the next two days I was dead tired; then, on Sat morning I was fixing a crock pot of stew when it dawned on me what had happened because the fatigue had come on so sudden - the immune system had gone into overdrive because of the reaction to the beans and was fighting the unwanted proteins.  So in making the stew, I left out the peas and carrots (two more food allergies) and just put them in Jim's stew that night and not mine. By Sunday morning I was feeling a whole lot better and more like myself again.

We all had a great time over the Thanksgiving holidays - with daughter Juno from Kansas here and son here almost every day. We didn't stay idle.
Hundreds of snow geese at Bosque del Apached
 We took one day and visited the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge up near Socorro and then went to the famous Owl Bar for green chili cheeseburgers.

Another day all of us went to Sparky's BBQ and Espresso in Hatch NM for some sumptuous green chili cheeseburgers.

Juno and I  took a day and drove up to the old ore mining town of Hillsboro and had - nope, not green chili cheeseburgers but I had a 4-cheese and tomato melt and she had the grilled chicken and cucumber sandwich at the General Store Cafe.

Juno and I took part of a day and browsed in downtown Truth or Consequences, we went to an arts and craft show sponsored by the Sierra County Cancer Awareness group and bought a few things, For Thanksgiving Dinner, we went to Denny's restaurant, as mom sure didn't feel like cooking and kids agreed that they really didn't want to clean up. We put up the Christmas tree too.

Juno was suppose to leave Friday after Thanksgiving and head back home but a nasty storm, tracking her route, kept her here until Sunday. She ventured out and made it to Dalhart Tx Sun night and managed to make it home by Monday evening.  Mom was biting her nails until she let us know she was okay.

Christmas will be a quiet one. Son Jim has the week off and he's coming down from Socorro and on Wed we will go to Las Cruces together for my treatment and then go see the new Star Wars movie while there in town. I am excited about that - not a really huge fan but it is the only "space" type movie that I have enjoyed. He will join Jim and I for Christmas day - and I will be cooking a simple dinner for us.

We send you Seasons Greetings for everyone all over this world and pray for peace and love of fellow mankind.
I did manage to get a picture of Juno and I before she left. Pretty cool sweatshirt.


  1. Congrats on reaching the halfway mark! Enjoyed your update. Wishing you good health and warm temperatures!

  2. So good to hear from you and how well your treatments are going.
    Sounds like the family enjoyed the time together. Love your Juno's sweat shirt.

    Merry Christmas and have a happy healthy New Year

  3. You're looking great! Glad to hear you're getting thru this (relatively) smoothly and that the kids are visiting their dear mama often. Have a very meaningful and merry Christmas!

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