Friday, November 6, 2015

New Episode in Our Lives

Thursday afternoon at 5 p.m. a rep from a local home respiratory business brought in all this oxygen equipment for Jim.  Jim will be on continuous oxygen now and will have all kinds of apparatus to help him breath easier and get more oxygen into his blood system and brain.

Jim had a doc appt yesterday morning and (am going to say luckily) for Jim his oxygen level was low. Doc made him do some simple walking up and down the hallway and it lowered more. Doc has been waiting for this so he could document his problem.  Too bad it has to be this way, but you know medical insurance rules. . . .

We started him on the machine and he has a 40 ft air cord. I wanted to make sure he could get around the house, especially to make coffee in the morning and do the dishes (gotta get priorities right)! The rep suggested buying a pulse oximeter to check the oxygen level periodically, plus giving us all the do's and don'ts, so much to learn. Jim's nose was drying out later in the evening and he was getting a bit hoarser sounding so I hooked up the humidifier to the machine and within the hour he was starting to sound better and his nose wasn't as dry.

We managed to make it thru the night - roughly. Doc had prescribed a new med and it didn't go over well with Jim, so we both were up until 4 a.m. Not going to use that med again. Fortunately, it wasn't an essential med.

Because of Jim's good PSA reading last week, he doesn't need a hormone therapy shot this time; and, his doc said as long as his PSA reading stays around where it is currently, he won't  be getting a shot. I had a nice visit with my oncologist while Jim was visiting his doc and I won't be seeing him until after the first of the year when my radiation treatments are over with. Then he will start his monitoring of my progress and put me on a hormone therapy program.

Until later. . . .