Thursday, October 29, 2015

Playing in the Sand and Radiation Treatments

We had a good week. At my follow-up visit with the surgeon, the tumor had clean edges all the way around and the 4 sentinel lymph nodes were negative for cancer cells; next step is radiation.

Jim had a 6-month visit with his urologist/oncologist on his prostate cancer and he is still in remission and his PSA reading was half of what it was 6 months ago. No hormone therapy shot was needed.

Today I visited with my radiation oncologist and I won't be starting the radiation treatments until November 30th. I told him my kids would be here during Thanksgiving week and he easily said "We will wait until after Thanksgiving letting you have some good time with your kids."  Oh I love him. I will have 20 treatments, finishing up the week after Christmas as they won't be giving treatments Christmas week.

Jim and I "celebrated" and drove out to White Sands National Monument, taking a picnic lunch with us.  Jim couldn't resist playing in the sand.

See, even at 74 the "kid" never leaves you.
From there we drove northward to Carrizozo and west towards San Antonio, making a pit stop at Valley of Fires Recreation Area (all but 3 sites were filled).  We met son at The Owl Bar and filled up on green chile - son had the green chile cheeseburger and I had a huge plate of green chile cheese fries.  I did manage to drive home safely and took a nice long nap after getting home.


  1. Good to hear from you, Emily! Celebrating your good new!
    Nice to see that you have been out and about. Looking forward to seeing some more photos around your yard. How is your weather?

    1. Had a wonderful all-night gentle rain. On the way home from Las Cruces yesterday afternoon, the clouds were just awesome - as they are this morning. Hope the Bosque got some good rains too.

  2. What good news Emily, for you both. Nice celebritory day
    Having issures with Google lets try anonymous Jo from Mom's Little Runaway