Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Life has turned a corner I wasn't expecting. . . .

This is a picture of my right jaw (that's ice cream on my lips) - swollen, swollen. I had a molar pulled last week and this week the area around the two teeth in front of that molar are swollen.  I feel like Wimpy (in the Popeye cartoon), I think it was, when he had a tooth problem. Last week I had a back molar pulled due to broken root.  Last night, my jaw started swelling up just in front of the pulled tooth so I went to a local dentist this morning. So far it is just tissue that is swollen.

Another visit I had this morning, I wasn't really expecting, was with a family doctor where he gave me the news that I have breast cancer.  I had a biopsy last week and was awaiting the news, his RN got on the stick and had the outpatient clinic in Las Cruces fax the results to him.  I have breast cancer and I will be meeting with an oncologist in a few weeks to go over everything.

Those of you that have known me for years, know that 10 years ago daughter Juno learned she had breast cancer.  In fact it was 10 years ago today July 8th.  I was living with her at the time and it was a rough time sharing the trip together.   So now we both have July 8th as a day to remember - and and this is really spooky - the spots are/were located in the same close area on both of us. 

Will post more later, am groggy right now because of the meds for the jaw.  I have talked with the store manager at WalMart and we will be playing it by ear about how long I will work there.  Okay, off for now and feeling groggy from the tooth medication.


  1. These corners we turn in life are sometimes so good and sometimes lead us in directions we never intended to go. I swear some years life feels like a road full of hairpin curves.

    People love you. You are one of those truly lovable people. Write all you want about it. We're here.

    Love you, Janet

    1. I probably will just to get stuff off my chest, so to speak. I need to follow you and just release thoughts. First ordeal is get this jaw shrunk! Already getting tired of ice cream. Getting a blender out and grinding stuff up and drinking my meals - it is how I'd much rather eat anyway.

  2. (My earlier comment vanished!)

    We both know that He doesn't give us more than He equips us to handle.

    I am grateful that He's given you so many friends who will follow you around all of the twists and turns of life.

  3. Oh Emily-- I'm so sorry to hear this news (both jaw and cancer). Completely surreal that you're now sharing the same DX date and tumor spot with your daughter. After my mom got breast cancer 15 years ago, I always expected it was just a matter of time before I'd get it too-- never expected to get Gyn cancer first though!

    Well, I will keep you in my prayers and know with all the advances they've been making in breast cancer treatment options, you'll hopefully have a much easier go with it than your daughter did years ago.

  4. Sorry to hear this, Emily. Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.