Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I have met the Oncologist and he is my new Knight in Shining Armor

I met with Dr. Bruce Greenfield last week on Thursday, in Las Cruces at the NM Cancer Center. A very interesting and enjoyable chap. He was so easy to open up to and I came away from that first meeting feeling very good. We were both hoping that my surgeon primary here in Truth or Consequences could perform the lumpectomy, but alas the local hospital does not have the equipment to do the sentinel node biopsy that is needed in my case. Preliminary tests show no cancer cells in the lymph node but a definite answer will be forthcoming upon the biopsy. Dr Greenfield puts my breast cancer at Stage 1A or B, so that is very good news and the prognosis is very good too.

Dr Maria Halsted will be the surgeon in Las Cruces to do the lumpectomy and the node biopsy. As of today I have not met with her and consequently a date for the out-patient surgery has not been set.

This is the first week, in 9 weeks, that neither Jim nor I have had a medical appointment.  I have gotten so many little things done - clean out the microwave, clean the top of the cook stove, start weeding my my alley garden, trim some plants that needed it long time ago - and I haven't even started my weekly chores yet.

I am still working at the garden center at Walmart but not sure how much longer.  My surgery won't put me down for very long but Jim's increasing medical issues are taking more of my time.  I would just like to be able to address those on a more leisure schedule.

I'll post more as the details unfold.  I want to give my high school gal friend Beth a shout and prayers as she lost her husband Wayne a couple of weeks ago and and I had the best honor of meeting him; and that she receives all the guidance and love in conquering her brain tumor. Love you Beth.


  1. You sound more up beat and I am sure it is meeting with this new Dr. I'm wishing you the best and also Jim. Sorry about your friends sorrows too. Know I am thinking of you and for you to have a great outcome from your surgery

  2. Everything sounds pretty good. Keep up those positive thoughts and don't forget to let us know when the outpatient surgery is to happen.
    Do what you need to do to take care of yourself!!