Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I have met the Oncologist and he is my new Knight in Shining Armor

I met with Dr. Bruce Greenfield last week on Thursday, in Las Cruces at the NM Cancer Center. A very interesting and enjoyable chap. He was so easy to open up to and I came away from that first meeting feeling very good. We were both hoping that my surgeon primary here in Truth or Consequences could perform the lumpectomy, but alas the local hospital does not have the equipment to do the sentinel node biopsy that is needed in my case. Preliminary tests show no cancer cells in the lymph node but a definite answer will be forthcoming upon the biopsy. Dr Greenfield puts my breast cancer at Stage 1A or B, so that is very good news and the prognosis is very good too.

Dr Maria Halsted will be the surgeon in Las Cruces to do the lumpectomy and the node biopsy. As of today I have not met with her and consequently a date for the out-patient surgery has not been set.

This is the first week, in 9 weeks, that neither Jim nor I have had a medical appointment.  I have gotten so many little things done - clean out the microwave, clean the top of the cook stove, start weeding my my alley garden, trim some plants that needed it long time ago - and I haven't even started my weekly chores yet.

I am still working at the garden center at Walmart but not sure how much longer.  My surgery won't put me down for very long but Jim's increasing medical issues are taking more of my time.  I would just like to be able to address those on a more leisure schedule.

I'll post more as the details unfold.  I want to give my high school gal friend Beth a shout and prayers as she lost her husband Wayne a couple of weeks ago and and I had the best honor of meeting him; and that she receives all the guidance and love in conquering her brain tumor. Love you Beth.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Earth to Emily - Are You Home Yet?

Yup - today.  Hate it when pain meds send you off into space and you don't really know it.

Dentist had prescribed a very mild naproxen for my tooth surgery pain and I must have decided to take that ride into space even then; but I am back now, thank heavens.  I quit taking them Fri night and today woke up with a "hangover" and panicked when I didn't know what day it was.  So through a process of deduction, I figured out it was Sunday and then I could get up.  It took awhile - yes, I could have gone to the calendar or my laptop but noooo I had to figure it out before getting out of bed.
Chin is almost back to normal.

I must have remembered to fill the hummingbird feeders as they look somewhat full; I watered the plants last night - a day allowed under our city water rationing program (though don't think they enforce it that strongly) and must have done a little house cleaning as the place doesn't look terribly messed up.  I did go to the grocery store to get Jim some milk and something to eat for supper last night (that could have been dangerous).

I played some games on Jim's computer just a bit ago and got some of the highest scores I have received in a long time, so sharpness is back (or maybe better).

I get the 6 stitches out of my gums on Wed (3 per side) by the dentist and go back to work on Thursday.  Perhaps I will hear from the breast cancer center sometime this week about my first meeting with the oncologist. 

My brother sent me a beautiful card and it says: "Sis, Even though cancer is a part of your life, it doesn't define you. You define yourself with your strength, your courage, your hope. . ."  That is what all my sisters before me have done, thanks Bro.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Life has turned a corner I wasn't expecting. . . .

This is a picture of my right jaw (that's ice cream on my lips) - swollen, swollen. I had a molar pulled last week and this week the area around the two teeth in front of that molar are swollen.  I feel like Wimpy (in the Popeye cartoon), I think it was, when he had a tooth problem. Last week I had a back molar pulled due to broken root.  Last night, my jaw started swelling up just in front of the pulled tooth so I went to a local dentist this morning. So far it is just tissue that is swollen.

Another visit I had this morning, I wasn't really expecting, was with a family doctor where he gave me the news that I have breast cancer.  I had a biopsy last week and was awaiting the news, his RN got on the stick and had the outpatient clinic in Las Cruces fax the results to him.  I have breast cancer and I will be meeting with an oncologist in a few weeks to go over everything.

Those of you that have known me for years, know that 10 years ago daughter Juno learned she had breast cancer.  In fact it was 10 years ago today July 8th.  I was living with her at the time and it was a rough time sharing the trip together.   So now we both have July 8th as a day to remember - and and this is really spooky - the spots are/were located in the same close area on both of us. 

Will post more later, am groggy right now because of the meds for the jaw.  I have talked with the store manager at WalMart and we will be playing it by ear about how long I will work there.  Okay, off for now and feeling groggy from the tooth medication.