Saturday, June 13, 2015

Four Months of Life Have Gone By. . . . .

I sit down to write and then get distracted - will try not to this time.

My veggie garden.
Lots has taken place. Since I am a flower lover and working in the garden center at WalMart - well guess what? Last year I rooted some twigs from the winter jasmine plants and there are 4 of them growing in my "alley garden" and loooooking good.  Out there, to keep them company, there are shasta daises, hollyhocks, 2 silvias, a butterfly bush, Russian Sage, and candytuft (that one had a rough beginning but is starting to look mighty good). In my "courtyard" area I have 3 pots of fountain grass, 2 rose bushes, mums, a converted wash tub (that use to be Chuck's pond but developed leaks) that is now a plant garden and it has had lettuce and now has nasturtiums and a green pepper plant.  I also have 2 Spanish Brooms that I hope will eventually grow into a wind break. 
Sweet Broom
My courtyard garden area
Bird of Paradise tree in early morning 
The Bird of Paradise trees, that Geri the previous owner planted from seeds, are now as tall as the top of my head. I bought two colorful ice tubs and put pansies, violas and snapdragons in them (but their season is over now).  I also have some spice plants and a Sweet Broom.  Elsewhere I have 2 Red Hot Poker plants and some kind of corkscrew grass.  Only 1 lantana plant so far. The nurseries have had trouble getting them this year.

And we have been keeping the area birds happy too. We had 4 finch feeders when they were here and now have 3 hummingbird feeders up, which require a daily cleaning and filling because of our over 90ยบ weather.  And we had uncountable number of doves, plenty of other finches and an occasional oriole.  We now have 2 ground squirrels, one is obviously a youngster.  The only thing I feed them is the prickly pear cactus apples that I knock off the cactus in the courtyard. This year the cactus along the north fence are in heavy profusion of blooms.  Last year there were hardly any.
Even gutter cactus blooming!

I believe this is an Earl of Essex Iris

Spirit of Memphis in foreground and I don't know the one in the background.
My iris produced some beautiful flowers this year and I hope the fall blooming is as beautiful. I have a bunch of re-bloomers planted and will get a few more in other colors.  I have a friend, who lives a block east and he is an artist and he painted some abstract Iris portraits for me. His partner is an avid iris grower and has over 200 iris. I got to see them when they were still in full bloom - oh my the sweet iris smell.  He suggested an iris grower out in Oregon as a source for more iris, am going to try them.
Son has been coming down to "check" on old mom and dad periodically.  Dad is 74 and mom is 73 now and we have our "problems".  Jim has a lot of health issues to deal with but his attitude continues to be positive.  His prostate cancer is in remission so the hormone therapy injections he was getting have really helped.  I have my issues too, mostly joint and bone, but as we all age there are adjustments to make of how we do things - or not do anymore.  I just keep moving as much as possible - both mind and body.

Not doing anything with my big white friend Eggie.  He just sits there and waits for me to pay some attention to him.  Every now and then (when it isn't hot outside) I go take a nap in him. I am surprised by how little dust there is inside.  I just have the ceiling vent open a crack too.  Oh well, at least when it comes time to clean the inside of that little trailer, it won't take much effort.

So have pretty much settled into a life in southern New Mexico.  The heat is unbearable at times but at least it is cool inside with the new swamp cooler; and the monsoon season will be upon us in a few weeks and we have the window air conditioners up for that time. Then it will be back to the swamp cooler again for the rest of the hot season.  So that is us in a nutshell - and I finished this posting!

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  1. What a lovely update! We share a love of flowers...enjoyed seeing the Bird of Paradise and the lilac iris. I have always preferred daylily to iris but these two iris are awesome.

    Glad to hear everyone's health is good. I have such a special place in my heart for the west. Happy for you to have a wonderful spot in an unique area. It's hot here also....but we have the humidity to make us miserable.
    Take care of yourself and enjoy all that there is to enjoy!