Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bees Stinger "Injures" Tendon (on top of my foot) & A Lesson in Electricity in NM

The winter jasmine are in (almost) full bloom and the bees are making - honey.  There are some of those bees that don't want to share and I got stung twice in about that many days.  One was on my left ankle and the other was on the top of my right foot. The sting on my left ankle healed up within a day but the tendon that got stung on my right foot was "injured" by the stinger.  I couldn't get it out and so the poor wimpy tendon got hurt. Dang it hurts.  I think I got the stinger out but crap it hurts.  Doc couldn't see anything, so like any injured tendon - heat and pain reliever and wait for it to heal .

About 5-6 weeks ago at 9:30 p.m. and at 32º, we lost almost all power at home. Looking out the windows, we decided it wasn't the town or even the neighborhood - it was US.  Must have blown a fuse. I am not a "fuse" person, more a flip the switch person.  I didn't even want to tread out and check to see if it was a fuse.  I say "we lost almost all power" because I still had power in my bedroom and the light switches in the hall bathroom.

The next morning bright and early, Fred comes and I was right - a fuse.  Well, then he proceeds to tell me that as a licensed electrician in the State of NM, he cannot work on my fuse box until I agree to upgrade from 50 amp to a minimum of 100 amp, as per current manufactured home code. Oh, what the heck lets go with 150 amps; but the State's manufactured home inspector says no when he comes by, we have to go to 200 amps!  Has something to do with the inside master switch being 100 amps.

Here is my new one at 200 amps:
That little box hanging down is the size of my old fuse box.

My lord, the incoming wire is as big as the diameter of my thumb.

First the state's manufactured home electrical inspector had to come by before Fred could get started and approve Fred's plan, then Fred put up the box and that tall pipe what ever it is called; then the regular electrical state inspector had to come by and give his approval; then the manufactured home electrical inspector had to come back and give his approval; then we had to wait for the city to hook us up to their line (meanwhile we were existing on a temporary fix and juggling using appliances so we wouldn't blow the whole thing up again). The city tied us into the power supply this morning!
Was so glad to see him this morning after this long wait.
Wow, think I'll be able to supply power to the area neighborhood. The electrician said I could hook up a 50 ton AC - and I only have around 900 sq ft.  At least I know I'll be in code!

So if you are driving by at night and see this huge glow on the east side of town up on a hill, you will know where I live.


  1. I hate bee stings, and feel your pain. I find it amazing that you had to upgrade from fifty amp to two hundred. There are 5000 sq ft homes that don't have 200 amp service. Think I would have been in the market for an unlicensed electrician.:-)

    1. That's the problem around here, too many unlicensed electricians that don't know what they are doing and lots of bad results. Because we had a 100 amp master switch inside, according to state manufactured home codes, we had to have twice the amperage. State codes for manufactured homes are about 3 times as stringent than for regular built homes. Lots of manufactured homes in this town, lots of them.

  2. Well hell maybe you can sell some of your electric to a neighbor hahaha. But better to be safe than sorry.

  3. I see your little Eggie stealing the show in your 200 amp photo. Like the phrase "I'm not really a fuse person.....neither am I!
    Hope you find some wonderful ways to use your new powerful breaker box. And speedy healing!

  4. My brain is short-wired when it comes to understanding electricity. But 200 amps sounds like a LOT.

    Hope the foot is healing up nicely. That had to hurt badly!

    And, like Lynne said, Eggie stole the picture show. :)