Friday, December 18, 2015

Over Half Way Through Radiation

Yup, suppose to be done with my last treatment on December 31st! It hasn't been bad, though my radiation oncologist was a bit alarmed at how red my skin was after 5 treatments so he put me on an antibiotic. It has helped a little but really feel it is the sensitivity of my skin to being burned - I am one of those "turn red in the sun, but don't tan" people. I am using Vitamin E daily and apply it right after treatment, instead of waiting until I get home 90 minutes later and that has made a difference.  I just love the radiation crew - and they are all sooooo young.  Maxine and Louise, RN's, are closer to my age so it is nice to have "understanding" from the older side of the crew.

I did have one episode of what extreme fatigue would feel like. I have a bunch of food allergies (not intolerances) and some of them I stay away from and a few others I eat on a low level to maintain a "tolerance" level - like potatoes and beans and a little soy.  I had made some chili and usually just put a small amount of beans in the chili (the amount being the same as I always did) because you have to have beans in your chili!  For the next two days I was dead tired; then, on Sat morning I was fixing a crock pot of stew when it dawned on me what had happened because the fatigue had come on so sudden - the immune system had gone into overdrive because of the reaction to the beans and was fighting the unwanted proteins.  So in making the stew, I left out the peas and carrots (two more food allergies) and just put them in Jim's stew that night and not mine. By Sunday morning I was feeling a whole lot better and more like myself again.

We all had a great time over the Thanksgiving holidays - with daughter Juno from Kansas here and son here almost every day. We didn't stay idle.
Hundreds of snow geese at Bosque del Apached
 We took one day and visited the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge up near Socorro and then went to the famous Owl Bar for green chili cheeseburgers.

Another day all of us went to Sparky's BBQ and Espresso in Hatch NM for some sumptuous green chili cheeseburgers.

Juno and I  took a day and drove up to the old ore mining town of Hillsboro and had - nope, not green chili cheeseburgers but I had a 4-cheese and tomato melt and she had the grilled chicken and cucumber sandwich at the General Store Cafe.

Juno and I took part of a day and browsed in downtown Truth or Consequences, we went to an arts and craft show sponsored by the Sierra County Cancer Awareness group and bought a few things, For Thanksgiving Dinner, we went to Denny's restaurant, as mom sure didn't feel like cooking and kids agreed that they really didn't want to clean up. We put up the Christmas tree too.

Juno was suppose to leave Friday after Thanksgiving and head back home but a nasty storm, tracking her route, kept her here until Sunday. She ventured out and made it to Dalhart Tx Sun night and managed to make it home by Monday evening.  Mom was biting her nails until she let us know she was okay.

Christmas will be a quiet one. Son Jim has the week off and he's coming down from Socorro and on Wed we will go to Las Cruces together for my treatment and then go see the new Star Wars movie while there in town. I am excited about that - not a really huge fan but it is the only "space" type movie that I have enjoyed. He will join Jim and I for Christmas day - and I will be cooking a simple dinner for us.

We send you Seasons Greetings for everyone all over this world and pray for peace and love of fellow mankind.
I did manage to get a picture of Juno and I before she left. Pretty cool sweatshirt.

Friday, November 6, 2015

New Episode in Our Lives

Thursday afternoon at 5 p.m. a rep from a local home respiratory business brought in all this oxygen equipment for Jim.  Jim will be on continuous oxygen now and will have all kinds of apparatus to help him breath easier and get more oxygen into his blood system and brain.

Jim had a doc appt yesterday morning and (am going to say luckily) for Jim his oxygen level was low. Doc made him do some simple walking up and down the hallway and it lowered more. Doc has been waiting for this so he could document his problem.  Too bad it has to be this way, but you know medical insurance rules. . . .

We started him on the machine and he has a 40 ft air cord. I wanted to make sure he could get around the house, especially to make coffee in the morning and do the dishes (gotta get priorities right)! The rep suggested buying a pulse oximeter to check the oxygen level periodically, plus giving us all the do's and don'ts, so much to learn. Jim's nose was drying out later in the evening and he was getting a bit hoarser sounding so I hooked up the humidifier to the machine and within the hour he was starting to sound better and his nose wasn't as dry.

We managed to make it thru the night - roughly. Doc had prescribed a new med and it didn't go over well with Jim, so we both were up until 4 a.m. Not going to use that med again. Fortunately, it wasn't an essential med.

Because of Jim's good PSA reading last week, he doesn't need a hormone therapy shot this time; and, his doc said as long as his PSA reading stays around where it is currently, he won't  be getting a shot. I had a nice visit with my oncologist while Jim was visiting his doc and I won't be seeing him until after the first of the year when my radiation treatments are over with. Then he will start his monitoring of my progress and put me on a hormone therapy program.

Until later. . . . 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Playing in the Sand and Radiation Treatments

We had a good week. At my follow-up visit with the surgeon, the tumor had clean edges all the way around and the 4 sentinel lymph nodes were negative for cancer cells; next step is radiation.

Jim had a 6-month visit with his urologist/oncologist on his prostate cancer and he is still in remission and his PSA reading was half of what it was 6 months ago. No hormone therapy shot was needed.

Today I visited with my radiation oncologist and I won't be starting the radiation treatments until November 30th. I told him my kids would be here during Thanksgiving week and he easily said "We will wait until after Thanksgiving letting you have some good time with your kids."  Oh I love him. I will have 20 treatments, finishing up the week after Christmas as they won't be giving treatments Christmas week.

Jim and I "celebrated" and drove out to White Sands National Monument, taking a picnic lunch with us.  Jim couldn't resist playing in the sand.

See, even at 74 the "kid" never leaves you.
From there we drove northward to Carrizozo and west towards San Antonio, making a pit stop at Valley of Fires Recreation Area (all but 3 sites were filled).  We met son at The Owl Bar and filled up on green chile - son had the green chile cheeseburger and I had a huge plate of green chile cheese fries.  I did manage to drive home safely and took a nice long nap after getting home.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Surgery is Over, Brother has Gone & it's Chilly Outside

I am so happy my brother was able to visit before the surgery - and the surgeon agreed to postpone the surgery so I could spend some time with him.

Pancho Villa State Park
Columbus NM
I met him in Deming and we drove down to Columbus to see the Poncho Villa Museum/State Park, then worked our way down to The Pink Store in Palomas to have the traditional margarita and
The famous Pink Store & Restaurant, Palomas Mexico

And to start with our margaritas. He had 4.
meal. We spent the night in Deming and then drove home stopping in Hatch to have lunch at Sparky's and get a really wonderful juicy green chile cheeseburger (sorry, no picture as was so hungry and didn't think about taking a picture).
Sparky's, in Hatch NM is a must stop.

Hillsboro NM, former county jail many moons ago.
On Friday, we went to Hillsboro, Kingston and Lake Valley. Had a delicious hot dog at The Cafe in Hillsboro. He likes old towns. That afternoon,
Lake Valley NM - a ghost town on BLM property.
we had time to go to the Geronimo Springs Museum in TorC and drive around town.

Saturday we went to see Fort Craig Historic Sight - he likes old forts too. Then to the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, where I met Lynn of Winnie Views, as she is a volunteer there. We drove around the Refuge but as of that date there weren't very many birds there. From there we met my son at The Owl Bar and had their famous green chile cheeseburgers. The Owl Bar was the starter of the green chile cheeseburgers and we assume our dad ate there at a time or two back in the mid-40's when he was involved with the Manhattan Project and the Trinity Site. After leaving San Antonio, we headed back home and stopped off at the El Camino Real International Heritage Center.
Lynn, in her volunteer outfit at Bosque del Apache
El Camino Real International Heritage Cntr.

Sunday, we traveled up to Winston and Chloride and went over to Monticello on our way home. I had another green chile cheeseburger at The Bank Cafe in Chloride and got to visit Dona, owner of many buildings in Chloride along with her husband Don. There has been a lot of restoration on their part and other individuals developing restored summer homes there.
Brother checking over a working tractor in Chloride NM

Lunch at The Bank Cafe, Chloride NM
Monday, brother went up to Socorro and spent a couple of days with son and they toured the VLBA office where he works, the VLA (brother got to see the antennas move) and on up to Pie Town to have some famous Pie Town pie. Wednesday, my brother drove over to Carrizozo to hand over some very late 1800 newspapers to the county historian that were printed in White Oaks. After visiting with her he drove up to White Oaks and then came back to TorC, where I was getting ready for my surgery on Thursday.

Brother drove me down to the hospital in Las Cruces, where I was to be at 6:30 a.m. Son and Jim came down around 10 a.m. and at that time my brother needed to get on the road heading toward home in California. He was stopping to spend a couple of days with some friends in Arizona and like a lot of us older folks, we don't drive too many miles in a day before we get tired. So he needed to allow plenty of time for the drive home.

It had been 4 years since I had seen him and was really hard to say goodbye. But it was so good to see him and am glad he could work out a trip over to see his old sister.

My surgery went very well this time, the nuclear stuff went where it was suppose to go and the surgeon was able to do her thing.  She removed 4 nodes and they were all clear of any cancer cells and she feels she was able to remove the small tumor with clean edges all the way around. She will know more in a week.  I don't have much pain and move my arm area as much as possible without tearing the surgery area. No heavy lifting for 8 weeks, so glad I got a lot of stuff done before the surgery. I would rather have too much work done before surgery than not enough, especially going into fall and winter time.

Got my Christmas lights up and a lot of things done in the yard. My brother stayed in the trailer while he was here and I managed to get the tanks dumped while he was visiting son. I still need to clear out the water lines. Jim and I have a few more doctor appointments before my radiation starts in November and daughter's visit for Thanksgiving. Am looking forward to that visit.

PS I see some of the pictures are out of line, but I did get them captioned.  Have a good day.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Third Time is A Charm!

Thursday, October 15th is a go for the surgery.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Well, It Didn't Happen

My breast cancer surgery didn't take place yesterday (Thursday 9/24). I prepared myself according to all the instructions - shower 2 days before and morning of with a special anti- bacterial soap, not take my blood thinners including the fish oil capsules (wasn't taking them as a thinner but for cholesterol).  I took the Gabapentin the night before and the morning of (this became my "happy" juice).

We left the house at 5 a.m. to be at the hospital at 6:30 a.m. I was checked in and shortly shown to my prep room.  Here I once again had to take another anti-bacterial cleansing - brush my teeth, swab my mouth, rinse with special rinse; then, swab the inside of each nostril with an iodine dipped special Q-tip, then swab even further up the nostril up towards the sinus cavity with the iodine dipped Q-tip.
Next came the body wipe down with specific instructions of which anti-bacterial wash cloth to use on what part of the body - #1 was for the neck, chest and abdomen, #2 was for the shoulders and arms, #3 hips and groin, #4 for the legs, feet and toes including between, #5 for the back (that was a toughie), and #6 was for the buttocks.  Then I got into my purple foot lets (how did they know I liked purple?) and my double layered paper gown (in lavender).

Wasn't long before all the questions started coming and I was really in happy/sleepy land by now; but I managed to understand the anthologist and sign her consent form, understood the other consent form, watched the tech insert the IV (she had as much trouble as everyone else does) and start the solution. Then they left me along and zonk, I was a asleep.

In about 30 minutes, the first trip down the hallway to the nuclear room was made. Pedro was pretty good at zipping down the hallways and around the corners. Was fun. Anyway, I had been numbed where the "hot juice" (as I call it) was to be inserted.  Pretty soon, the tech kept saying "No nodes, no nodes".  I had no idea what she meant but was soon to find out.  I was zipped back to my prep room by a professional race car driver!  Then was pushed back down to the radiology room by a tech, whose back was bothering her so we went at nice walking speed.

There I was placed into a chair (I say placed because by this time I had had a Valium and was really feeling no pain and had begun to tell funny stories of my life) and somewhat strapped in. Here I was getting mammograms of the tumor area and at one time was turned over to around a 45º angle. Was that weird feeling.

At this time the surgeon comes in and says "Hold everything, you haven't done the needle insertion yet?" "No" says the doctor." "Good", says the surgeon "because we have a problem."  The problem was that the nuclear (my hot juice) had not gone anywhere, it had just stayed at the insertion sight which was at the tumor sight.  So I immediately sobered up and the surgeon and I discussed what to do. She clearly did not want to go into surgery not knowing which is the sentinel node and really did not want to perform an auxiliary lymph node dissection (which is further under the arm and to some extent around into the back and also up towards the shoulder blade) , because she really feels it isn't necessary. So she cancelled the operation. We discussed various possibilities  and if it can be done again in the next week (which I doubt) we'll go and the other option is to wait until after my brother's visit.

Truthfully, I am not disappointed, disgusted, pissed or any of those similar words. There is a reason and it will be resolved by the next attempt which will be a "go". And, hopefully Medicare will approve the second attempt and the hospital will not make me pay the $400 again, but a reduced rate.

So today, I feel good and pretty free of all the "happy" juice and pretty much taking it easy. Got my morning walk in, doing some extra cleaning in the kitchen, watching the antics of the birds and now going to take my afternoon nap. Am practicing for that quiet time of 1 to 4 p.m. after my radiation therapy starts. Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers.  They kept me safe.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Ahhhhhh, the Enjoyment of Sleeping In!

 Ha - Sleep in? Call getting up sometime between 6 and 7 a.m. sleeping in? Well I guess considering it was 5 a.m. when I got up during work days.

What am I doing? Well, a little of this and a little of that. I have projects and am trying real hard not to rush to get them all done at once. 
He really is protecting my "grass".
This little guy in my yard was left by former owner Chuck and Geri and he is so cute. His little sign was weather worn so he has a new sign now and he is getting re-painted. Notice the "grass" he is protecting.

I have been getting my bird feeding stations ready for the winter feeding season.  I have started putting out some seed and of course my feathered friends want MORE, MORE, MORE. The hummingbirds are here but can tell many are passing through on their southward journey. I saw our first southbound flight of geese several weeks ago - three weeks earlier than last year.  The yellow finches showed up a couple of weeks ago and they are so much fun to watch. Jim just loves their constant cheeping. And we have the Gambel Quail. I just love how they move in single file where ever they go. You will just have to visualize all these birds as I never have my camera with me, I just sit out on the bench under the mulberry tree, drinking my morning coffee, and watch all the antics going on.

I have also been trimming my cactus hedge.  They are creeping up over my neighbor's metal roofed sheds, so it's trim time. 
Not into eating cactus, too much work!
Using a hedge trimmer doesn't work too good (it is also messy) so I use my trusted garden rake and pull, pull, pull. Once in a while a saw comes in handy too. How many of my readers get to trim a cactus hedge?

I have met my surgeon who will do my breast cancer surgery on Thurs 9/24. Dr Maria Halsted is a very likable person and ignoring all the big words she used I understood a lot of what she was telling me - especially the word "if".  I feel I am in very capable hands.

My very "astute" brother (he will laugh at that word) will be coming to visit in early October. I can hardly wait as it has been 4 years since I have seen him. This is the main reason why I wanted my surgery a couple of weeks before he gets here.  Then I want to be able to do things when daughter Juno comes to visit over the Thanksgiving holidays and my radiation treatments will be over with by then.

One Sunday, I took some time  and went up to a little town called Hillsboro, located about 35 miles SW of here and up against the foothills of the Black Range Mountains. The community was having home tours and an antique dealers show. I had a great time and visited with lots of neat folks. Had one of the best green chile cheeseburgers and homemade fries at the General Store Cafe on the main street. Here are some slides I took:
Current community center, former high school

Where I had the most delicious green chile cheeseburger - a NM tradition.

First country courthouse for Sierra County, before moving to Truth or Consequences.


Artist gate.

Typical home behind a rock wall to protect from flooding between two creeks.

Typical home built in the late 1800's.

The drive home  was beautiful. Looking eastward toward the various mountain ranges toward the Sacramento Mountains.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Counting down the days . . . .

Only one more week to go and then I am - I don't know, what will I be?  No more getting up around 4:30 or 5 a.m., wearing those heavy steel-toed shoes, working out in the very hot garden center where I spray myself with a cool mist from the hose; where I'll miss seeing some of my co-workers on a daily basis (that mostly).  But, I must keep up my physical worthiness  so am going to try and head up there and do an early morning walk around the store 3 or 4 times a week (Try)

Now I'll be able to sit out on the patio, with a cup of coffee, and watch the morning sun rise - that is until it gets too cold in the mornings, then I'll sit at the dining room table inside where it will be warmer. I can get out in the garden areas in the early mornings before it starts warming up and then getting the garden and potted plants ready for winter.  And my dear Eggie trailer will get some much needed attention too.

I meet with the surgeon, who will be doing the lumpectomy on me, on the 26th of this month.  I am ready to get this process going and over with. My brother will be visiting in early October and I want to be able to do some things with him; daughter Juno will be coming down from Kansas for the Thanksgiving holiday in late November and we will plan on doing some things together too.

That is an update for now.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I have met the Oncologist and he is my new Knight in Shining Armor

I met with Dr. Bruce Greenfield last week on Thursday, in Las Cruces at the NM Cancer Center. A very interesting and enjoyable chap. He was so easy to open up to and I came away from that first meeting feeling very good. We were both hoping that my surgeon primary here in Truth or Consequences could perform the lumpectomy, but alas the local hospital does not have the equipment to do the sentinel node biopsy that is needed in my case. Preliminary tests show no cancer cells in the lymph node but a definite answer will be forthcoming upon the biopsy. Dr Greenfield puts my breast cancer at Stage 1A or B, so that is very good news and the prognosis is very good too.

Dr Maria Halsted will be the surgeon in Las Cruces to do the lumpectomy and the node biopsy. As of today I have not met with her and consequently a date for the out-patient surgery has not been set.

This is the first week, in 9 weeks, that neither Jim nor I have had a medical appointment.  I have gotten so many little things done - clean out the microwave, clean the top of the cook stove, start weeding my my alley garden, trim some plants that needed it long time ago - and I haven't even started my weekly chores yet.

I am still working at the garden center at Walmart but not sure how much longer.  My surgery won't put me down for very long but Jim's increasing medical issues are taking more of my time.  I would just like to be able to address those on a more leisure schedule.

I'll post more as the details unfold.  I want to give my high school gal friend Beth a shout and prayers as she lost her husband Wayne a couple of weeks ago and and I had the best honor of meeting him; and that she receives all the guidance and love in conquering her brain tumor. Love you Beth.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Earth to Emily - Are You Home Yet?

Yup - today.  Hate it when pain meds send you off into space and you don't really know it.

Dentist had prescribed a very mild naproxen for my tooth surgery pain and I must have decided to take that ride into space even then; but I am back now, thank heavens.  I quit taking them Fri night and today woke up with a "hangover" and panicked when I didn't know what day it was.  So through a process of deduction, I figured out it was Sunday and then I could get up.  It took awhile - yes, I could have gone to the calendar or my laptop but noooo I had to figure it out before getting out of bed.
Chin is almost back to normal.

I must have remembered to fill the hummingbird feeders as they look somewhat full; I watered the plants last night - a day allowed under our city water rationing program (though don't think they enforce it that strongly) and must have done a little house cleaning as the place doesn't look terribly messed up.  I did go to the grocery store to get Jim some milk and something to eat for supper last night (that could have been dangerous).

I played some games on Jim's computer just a bit ago and got some of the highest scores I have received in a long time, so sharpness is back (or maybe better).

I get the 6 stitches out of my gums on Wed (3 per side) by the dentist and go back to work on Thursday.  Perhaps I will hear from the breast cancer center sometime this week about my first meeting with the oncologist. 

My brother sent me a beautiful card and it says: "Sis, Even though cancer is a part of your life, it doesn't define you. You define yourself with your strength, your courage, your hope. . ."  That is what all my sisters before me have done, thanks Bro.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Life has turned a corner I wasn't expecting. . . .

This is a picture of my right jaw (that's ice cream on my lips) - swollen, swollen. I had a molar pulled last week and this week the area around the two teeth in front of that molar are swollen.  I feel like Wimpy (in the Popeye cartoon), I think it was, when he had a tooth problem. Last week I had a back molar pulled due to broken root.  Last night, my jaw started swelling up just in front of the pulled tooth so I went to a local dentist this morning. So far it is just tissue that is swollen.

Another visit I had this morning, I wasn't really expecting, was with a family doctor where he gave me the news that I have breast cancer.  I had a biopsy last week and was awaiting the news, his RN got on the stick and had the outpatient clinic in Las Cruces fax the results to him.  I have breast cancer and I will be meeting with an oncologist in a few weeks to go over everything.

Those of you that have known me for years, know that 10 years ago daughter Juno learned she had breast cancer.  In fact it was 10 years ago today July 8th.  I was living with her at the time and it was a rough time sharing the trip together.   So now we both have July 8th as a day to remember - and and this is really spooky - the spots are/were located in the same close area on both of us. 

Will post more later, am groggy right now because of the meds for the jaw.  I have talked with the store manager at WalMart and we will be playing it by ear about how long I will work there.  Okay, off for now and feeling groggy from the tooth medication.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Four Months of Life Have Gone By. . . . .

I sit down to write and then get distracted - will try not to this time.

My veggie garden.
Lots has taken place. Since I am a flower lover and working in the garden center at WalMart - well guess what? Last year I rooted some twigs from the winter jasmine plants and there are 4 of them growing in my "alley garden" and loooooking good.  Out there, to keep them company, there are shasta daises, hollyhocks, 2 silvias, a butterfly bush, Russian Sage, and candytuft (that one had a rough beginning but is starting to look mighty good). In my "courtyard" area I have 3 pots of fountain grass, 2 rose bushes, mums, a converted wash tub (that use to be Chuck's pond but developed leaks) that is now a plant garden and it has had lettuce and now has nasturtiums and a green pepper plant.  I also have 2 Spanish Brooms that I hope will eventually grow into a wind break. 
Sweet Broom
My courtyard garden area
Bird of Paradise tree in early morning 
The Bird of Paradise trees, that Geri the previous owner planted from seeds, are now as tall as the top of my head. I bought two colorful ice tubs and put pansies, violas and snapdragons in them (but their season is over now).  I also have some spice plants and a Sweet Broom.  Elsewhere I have 2 Red Hot Poker plants and some kind of corkscrew grass.  Only 1 lantana plant so far. The nurseries have had trouble getting them this year.

And we have been keeping the area birds happy too. We had 4 finch feeders when they were here and now have 3 hummingbird feeders up, which require a daily cleaning and filling because of our over 90º weather.  And we had uncountable number of doves, plenty of other finches and an occasional oriole.  We now have 2 ground squirrels, one is obviously a youngster.  The only thing I feed them is the prickly pear cactus apples that I knock off the cactus in the courtyard. This year the cactus along the north fence are in heavy profusion of blooms.  Last year there were hardly any.
Even gutter cactus blooming!

I believe this is an Earl of Essex Iris

Spirit of Memphis in foreground and I don't know the one in the background.
My iris produced some beautiful flowers this year and I hope the fall blooming is as beautiful. I have a bunch of re-bloomers planted and will get a few more in other colors.  I have a friend, who lives a block east and he is an artist and he painted some abstract Iris portraits for me. His partner is an avid iris grower and has over 200 iris. I got to see them when they were still in full bloom - oh my the sweet iris smell.  He suggested an iris grower out in Oregon as a source for more iris, am going to try them.
Son has been coming down to "check" on old mom and dad periodically.  Dad is 74 and mom is 73 now and we have our "problems".  Jim has a lot of health issues to deal with but his attitude continues to be positive.  His prostate cancer is in remission so the hormone therapy injections he was getting have really helped.  I have my issues too, mostly joint and bone, but as we all age there are adjustments to make of how we do things - or not do anymore.  I just keep moving as much as possible - both mind and body.

Not doing anything with my big white friend Eggie.  He just sits there and waits for me to pay some attention to him.  Every now and then (when it isn't hot outside) I go take a nap in him. I am surprised by how little dust there is inside.  I just have the ceiling vent open a crack too.  Oh well, at least when it comes time to clean the inside of that little trailer, it won't take much effort.

So have pretty much settled into a life in southern New Mexico.  The heat is unbearable at times but at least it is cool inside with the new swamp cooler; and the monsoon season will be upon us in a few weeks and we have the window air conditioners up for that time. Then it will be back to the swamp cooler again for the rest of the hot season.  So that is us in a nutshell - and I finished this posting!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bees Stinger "Injures" Tendon (on top of my foot) & A Lesson in Electricity in NM

The winter jasmine are in (almost) full bloom and the bees are making - honey.  There are some of those bees that don't want to share and I got stung twice in about that many days.  One was on my left ankle and the other was on the top of my right foot. The sting on my left ankle healed up within a day but the tendon that got stung on my right foot was "injured" by the stinger.  I couldn't get it out and so the poor wimpy tendon got hurt. Dang it hurts.  I think I got the stinger out but crap it hurts.  Doc couldn't see anything, so like any injured tendon - heat and pain reliever and wait for it to heal .

About 5-6 weeks ago at 9:30 p.m. and at 32º, we lost almost all power at home. Looking out the windows, we decided it wasn't the town or even the neighborhood - it was US.  Must have blown a fuse. I am not a "fuse" person, more a flip the switch person.  I didn't even want to tread out and check to see if it was a fuse.  I say "we lost almost all power" because I still had power in my bedroom and the light switches in the hall bathroom.

The next morning bright and early, Fred comes and I was right - a fuse.  Well, then he proceeds to tell me that as a licensed electrician in the State of NM, he cannot work on my fuse box until I agree to upgrade from 50 amp to a minimum of 100 amp, as per current manufactured home code. Oh, what the heck lets go with 150 amps; but the State's manufactured home inspector says no when he comes by, we have to go to 200 amps!  Has something to do with the inside master switch being 100 amps.

Here is my new one at 200 amps:
That little box hanging down is the size of my old fuse box.

My lord, the incoming wire is as big as the diameter of my thumb.

First the state's manufactured home electrical inspector had to come by before Fred could get started and approve Fred's plan, then Fred put up the box and that tall pipe what ever it is called; then the regular electrical state inspector had to come by and give his approval; then the manufactured home electrical inspector had to come back and give his approval; then we had to wait for the city to hook us up to their line (meanwhile we were existing on a temporary fix and juggling using appliances so we wouldn't blow the whole thing up again). The city tied us into the power supply this morning!
Was so glad to see him this morning after this long wait.
Wow, think I'll be able to supply power to the area neighborhood. The electrician said I could hook up a 50 ton AC - and I only have around 900 sq ft.  At least I know I'll be in code!

So if you are driving by at night and see this huge glow on the east side of town up on a hill, you will know where I live.