Monday, December 29, 2014

Three Months in a Nutshell

Jim's bone scan and PET scan showed return of prostate cancer in bone in 2 places. He is on hormone therapy injections every 6 months, worst side affect is the hot flashes.

Getting ready for the Christmas shopping season at work in October. It's a constant moving around of merchandise.  Lots of wasted hours, but hey it's work.

Moved my potted plants into the "plant cave" located in the carport.  All snug as plant bugs together in the two layer "cave".  Had a fall blooming iris still blooming at Thanksgiving.

Discovered, what I thought were deer droppings in our front yard. Found out from neighbor we had an elk (she didn't say if it was the male or one of his 2 female companions) that ventured thru our yard.  Suppose to be several herds around the area.

Put up a solar powered security light up at the back door for night-time emergency purposes, finished painting the step edges in a bright safety yellow so Jim can see them (well, me too).

Son came down from Socorro and we took Jim to the Veterans Car Show on Nov 8th.  Sure are some beauties there.
Don't these two look like they came from the "Cars" movie?
Sand Hill Cranes at Bosque.

Jim and I visited the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge near Socorro. Son met us there and then we went up to Socorro to have a scrumptious lunch at the Twisted Chile Brewing Company.  When there and in season, try their pumpkin beer!

Tried to get grand doggie in, but he was camera shy.
Daughter Juno joined us for a week in late November to spend Thanksgiving with us, with her brother Jim joining us on The Day and we pigged out on all kinds of goodies prepared.  She brought our grand-doggie Buster too but left the cats at home, where a friend took care of them.


Put Christmas decorations up inside and out taking advantage of the really nice weather. Hope to be able to buy some
more strings of lights to add next year.  I am covering the lights with chile pepper covers, makes for a prettier overall look. (Have the additional light strings bought for next year - love after Christmas sales!) Oh, and due to a blown fuse last night and the 50 amp size not being sufficient enough to carry current electrical loads, nor meeting current State minimum amperage requirements, I will be able to light the place up like a 4th of July firework next year with the larger amp fuse box.

Finally moved my little trailer over to my yard from across the street - thanks to neighbor willing to try it with his little jeep.  So nice to look out kitchen window and see "him" every morning.

Casita trailer friends Jeff and Glenda
Casita trailer friends, Glenda and Jeff, stopped by for a visit and we got to catch up over lunch.

Son came down Christmas Eve afternoon and spent the night with us.  We opened presents together on Christmas morning, including daughter via FaceTime.  That was the neatest experience for me since she couldn't be with us. (Forgot to take a picture, darn)

Tomorrow is daughter's birthday and was hoping to have her birthday present in her hands by then, but alas when an artist is creating something one must allow time.

Decorations will be coming down on the 1st - my tradition.  I bought some flower plant seeds, seed pots and starter fertilizer today!  Think spring fever is hitting me already; but will have to wait awhile.
My winter jasmine plant has been sprouting blooms since late November, one at a time.
I forgot to include a day-trip Juno and I took to Mt Park NM.  On the way there we stopped at White Sands
and then continued up to the Old Apple Barn to buy some green chile chocolate fudge.

Green chile fudge is on the right and I did have to indulge in some other delectable tasting fudge too!

Speaking of the New Year 2015 - I wish all the readers a very good year, a healthy year for continued good health and recovery if you are on the mend.  And may peace and brotherhood thinking and acting prevail.


  1. It's good to read your update, Emily. Sounds like you've kept busy, and I'm glad you had family and Casita friends visit.

    And I really smiled at your finally having your little Casita home where he belongs! :)

    Happy New Year to you, too!

  2. Nice to see an update. You sure have been busy. Looks like you had some nice family time for the holiday. Wishing your brother better health.

    Happy New Year and the best of health and finance in the new year

  3. As we were pulling our of the driveway, noticed that our winter jasmine was also blooming. Green chili fudge is now on my list to try in 2015!

    Happy New Year from a PA park in Beaumont, TX. Stay warm if you are in the path of the big storm!!!