Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Just Shut the Dang Phone Off

The poor techies never did find out what the glitch was in the phone system (phone is - VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol for you non- techies) something in the incoming call features; so they just did what you do when your computer gives you the fizzies - you shut the dang thing down and then start it up again. They cut our phone service off and then gave us new phone service - oh, with the same phone number.  Now we can get all those unwanted calls - at least the answering machine still works!

Found a few more boxes of old mementos I had to tenderly put in the trash, that got soaked when the storage shed roof leaked a couple of weeks ago.  I managed to save a few pictures.  Have a guy who could put a temporary roof over the shed for me, coming by with a quote tomorrow afternoon.

The hot weather has subsided and monsoon season is over.  Now getting our southerly afternoon winds and they feel good.  And guess what?  Today is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of being in Truth or Consequences and our new home (actually yesterday, but was busy with other issues and didn't pay attention to the date).

Jim and I haven't seen any hummingbirds for 3 days now but will leave the feeder up for another week or so as there could be a few stragglers on their way southward.  The last one I saw, on Sunday, came over to the truck as I was getting out of it and fluttered around my face just a few feet away for a little bit and then took off.  Maybe he was saying goodbye until spring - I like to think so.