Sunday, September 28, 2014

Remember When Land Line Telephones Were Simple?

That is all we have - no cell phone, would you believe?  Well, that may change.  For the last several weeks our phone has been wringing a half ring and then would quit.

Son told us that our calls are being diverted to voicemail.  We don't have voicemail, although it is a service of our phone provider, as we have an answering machine which has just worked fine thank you.

Finally, tonight I called the phone provider and eventually talked to a technical person.  They are trying to find "the switch" to disconnect the "voicemail" on our line. Grrrrr.  We just use to pick up the phone and answer the call or make the call without worrying who was calling you and screwing you out of something. 

Hate using the answering machine as a screener, but that is life nowadays. 


  1. Sounds like the switch you need is to a new provider.

    1. There are a few choices, but you know how your dad likes cable. . . .

  2. They must have made improvements we all know how that works! No land line at my place just cell

  3. Last land line I had was cancelled 7 years ago! I prefer cell myself! Plus my phone tells me who is calling... I can choose to answer or not! Walmart has great cell phone service in NM and affordable as well.