Sunday, September 28, 2014

Remember When Land Line Telephones Were Simple?

That is all we have - no cell phone, would you believe?  Well, that may change.  For the last several weeks our phone has been wringing a half ring and then would quit.

Son told us that our calls are being diverted to voicemail.  We don't have voicemail, although it is a service of our phone provider, as we have an answering machine which has just worked fine thank you.

Finally, tonight I called the phone provider and eventually talked to a technical person.  They are trying to find "the switch" to disconnect the "voicemail" on our line. Grrrrr.  We just use to pick up the phone and answer the call or make the call without worrying who was calling you and screwing you out of something. 

Hate using the answering machine as a screener, but that is life nowadays. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Made it Thru the Hurricane

Hurricane Odile left us some nice moisture - very little downpours but nice, gentle rain showers.  The flooding that happens around here could have been worse; although the remnants coming into AZ and NM tracked southward and really dumped the rain on Las Cruces and El Paso areas.  Unfortunately, there were some some bad road washouts - mainly 152 that travels over the Black Mountain Range to Silver City and it will be awhile before that road is open.

Update on Jim's prostate cancer.  He had his first hormone therapy injection of Lupron yesterday Thursday. It will be another month before the urologist determines the frequency of injections - monthly, every 3 months or every 6 months. The Lupron slows the growth of the cancer and eases the symptoms of the cancer.  Unfortunately, because the Lupron knocks out his testosterone, he'll get to experience "menopausal episodes".  Oh Lord! Meanwhile, before his next injection next month he'll have a full body scan to be the doc's base line and then 10 days later he'll have a PET scan.  Two good things - prostate cancer is slow growing to begin with and the Lupron will slow it down even more; and Jim's attitude is very positive as he wants to hit 80 years of age (he's 73 now). Thataway to go Jim.

There are fewer hummingbirds around now as many have started their migration southward. I'll be taking down the feeders when the current supply of syrup is depleted and start putting out the birdseed in awhile.  The mourning doves sit on the electrical lines and keep asking me when that day will be. . . .

Am becoming of more value at work!  Am being taught about changing displays now that the garden center area with the plants is winding down.  Halloween items are up and more comes in every week.  Other holiday stuff will start showing up before long.

House hasn't sold and I just recently learned FEMA is raising the premium on my flood insurance by at least 25% - primarily because it isn't my principle residence; and my homeowners insurance is going to be dropped for the same reason - I am not living there so house doesn't qualify for "homeowners" insurance. I do have an option, to rent the house out and just get rental insurance on the property.  Not really what I want to do, living 900 miles away.  So my blogger friends who are putting their house on the market and will not be living in it - heed my situation, you may eventually lose your homeowners insurance.

Had to have a couple of pictures added: Barrel cactus in bloom. Bought some ornamental grass and put them in pots and rescued some mums from work that needed some TLC.