Friday, August 8, 2014

The Good and the . . . .

Well, it has been awhile since I posted.  Had a great time with ye old college days roomies visit.  Jean and Dotty spent one night in town, coming in before I even got off work.

I was explaining something to a fellow garden center co-worker when I heard this voice behind me talking and turned around and there was Jean!  Fortunately I didn't have too much more time to put in, so they killed a little time shopping.
My college roomies Dotty (left) and Jean (right).
Dinner was at Sunset Grill and the girls got their sopapillas the way they liked them. Oh boy, was catching up fun and we had breakfast the next morning at Denny's before they headed out. They were headed toward Tucson and Phoenix to see more friends.  It was a fast trip for them as they did it in 2 weeks.  So glad they included Jim and I in their visit.  Jim was best man at Jean and Jess's wedding 51 years ago, they are still going strong.

I bought a window air conditioner for my bedroom and son came down from Socorro a couple days later to install it for me.  What a blessing it has been - and oh son's help was a blessing too.

Rufous Hummingbird from
The hummingbirds continue to entertain us.  A couple of (ruthless) Rufous Hummingbirds
Black Chinned Hummingbird from
showed up and exerted their way with my fairly timid Black-Chinned Hummers - to the point it was hard for the Black-Chinned to feed.  The (ruthless) Rufous (been trying to get a close up of them as they are really a beautiful bird) are very aggressive, driving the others away and sometimes each other from the 2 feeders.  So I moved one feeder to under the carport roof, thinking that (ruthless) Rufous would get tired of "checking" the feeder to see who was there and would give the Black-Chinned birds some time to feed.  You know what happened?  It is merry, merry in feeder land under the carport roof.  Oh, there is still some chasing; but before only 1 bird would feed at a time, now I have anywhere from 2 to 5 feeding at the same time - and (ruthless) Rufouses will be there along with the Black-Chinned. They will even let me stand next to them buzzing around my head.  I ended up moving the other feeder to the south end of the house in Jim's bedroom window.  Now he is enjoying their antics.

The beautiful Texas Sage in full bloom!
Oh I forgot to mention that just before Jean & Dotty arrived, the Texas Sage bush blew out in full bloom - just for them.  It did that the day we all arrived here, back at the very end of September,  and hadn't broke out in full bloom until just before the girls arrived. Previous owner Geri said it just does it for special occasions!

House hasn't sold yet.

Jim has had a unpleasant week.  He visited the ophthalmologist earlier this week. Good news: his cataracts are "ripe"; but not so good he has macular degeneration in both eyes showing up already giving him some discomfort.  So now he is considering in having the cataracts removed to give him some fairly good eyesight for awhile, meanwhile keeping a close watch on his other problem.  He has started the eye vitamins to hopefully slow down the process.  The pits of getting old.

Then a few days later, he visits the urologist because at his annual PSA test in April, the reading had elevated considerable from "unreadable" for the last 4 years.  He had another PSA test in June and another last week.  Last week's test was 50% higher than the June reading and sending out lots of red flags to the urologist about the strong possibility of the return of his prostate cancer (he had surgery in 2006 and radiation treatment in 2008). He'll have another PSA test in mid-September and if that is close to being 100% of his June reading, then he will be seeing an oncologist. The urologist said that he will probably be started on hormone therapy. Jim is in a good mood and being positive; now me on the other hand. . . .


  1. Oh, Emily, how sad to hear about Jim's health problems. And that the house still has not sold.

    But I loved hearing about your friends' visit and seeing the Texas sage bush in full bloom. And the photo of the Rufous hummingbird is beautiful. I have never seen one before.

    Sending love and best wishes for you and Jim.

    1. Thank you Sharon. We will weather this third time. As long as we have the "hummers" to entertain us!

  2. Emily, I echo Sharon's comments.....the aging process is not kind. David often quotes his late uncle "Growing old is not for sissies!".

    Love the sage and enjoy your hummer stories. Lovely to see old friends...treasured time.

    1. Thank you Lynne. Right and do agree with David's uncle and they are not really the golden years either. The hummers are fun to watch, but sure glad I don't fight like they do over those feeders.

  3. Sorry to read of Jim's health issues. There's nothing that compares with time spent with old friends. I have hummers fighting right over my shoulder as I type this. We only have one feeder and about six of the little buggers. Wishing you the best on selling the house, soon; and Jims recovery.

  4. Thank you Jerry. Love those little hummers, they are so much fun to watch and also a great therapy.