Tuesday, June 24, 2014

College Days Company Coming

JEAN AND DOTTY are coming for a visit and they are on a Mexican Food trek from their home states of Idaho for Jean and Washington state for Dotty.  So I have a job ahead still looking for good Mexican food places to compete with what they will have encountered on their way down here.  We haven't eaten at very many places yet, but want to check out a little cafe in Arrey and what is in Hatch - home of the best grown green chile.  These two gals were roommates way back at ASC (now NAU) in Flagstaff AZ.  Am getting excited to see them.

SON WILL BE coming down for the fireworks show at Elephant Butte Lake.  Been a long, long time since I have seen fireworks over a lake.  Elephant Butte Lake State Park waives the admission fee that night for the show.  Will probably grill something before going out and make apple pie cake for dessert.

BEEN TRYING TO fix the south side of the carport shed so that when it rains the water runs off the roof to the outside of the wall, instead of the inside!  I managed to get half fixed so the corrugated metal roof edge extends beyond the wall; but, because of the inconsistent structure on the other half, am not coming up with a solution yet.  I tried applying a strip of gutter drip guard, but it's going to take two people to fix it.  Shannon, our city trash hauler that works our area, said today he'd come help me if I needed it.  I just may ask him.

AND OUR OLD neighborhood trash dumpster is now gone and we are using our new poly carts.  I want to build a little alcove to put ours and a neighbor's poly cart in later this fall.

FINALLY GOT AROUND to finish putting up the front sidewalk solar lights and I am pleased with the effect they give off at night.  I blacked out half of the lens so the light would only show on the sidewalk.
Here I am blocking off the light side that is not to be painted.
Spray painted the "back" side of the lens.

How they look in the daytime; and . . . .
how they look at night time. I grouped 3 lights together. 
JIM HAS HIS window air conditioner, now I want mine! Hope to have it installed this week and will be putting one either in the dining area window or a living room window later.  And of course, getting ready for a window air requires that I clean up the window - right?  Mobil home windows are different to work with.  Am learning . . . .

WE ARE IN the traditional monsoon season now, but nothing yet.  A lot more clouds float by each day than a month ago, but they have their mission over on the eastern side of the state I guess.  What rain does fall, evaporates before getting near us.  It does smell good though.

BACK TO WORK as it is my day off - "my Sunday" - and I still have laundry, mopping and napping to do today.


  1. Hope you enjoy the visits with Dotty and Jean, and the fireworks with your son. I have seen so many photos of Elephant Butte on the net that I feel like I know the place. It has also been a lot of years since I saw fireworks over the water.

    And I really love the effect of those lights!

    Good luck with the roof. You have my empathy. :)

  2. Be sure to check out Malena's in Hatch.

    Malena’s Restaurant was a great find, Rhonda had a HUGE Shrimp Cocktail (loaded with Shrimp) and it was the SMALL order on the menu! She also had a green Chile burrito but the Shrimp cocktail was a meal it’s self.

    1. Okay, thanks Wayne. Either Mon or Tues will head down to Hatch and try out Malena's. Bet you are glad you are in the cooler elevation - a hot one down here.

  3. Love the reflections of the lights nice job. My drainage is clogged with crud so water is going into my shed too. Need to get those cleaned out but I'm to short and so is my ladder. :( always something.
    Hope you have fun at the fireworks and enjoy your visit with friends