Monday, April 14, 2014

My Spring Here is Such a New Experience. . . .

Long pants today as the bitter cold front that left all the snow in the Central Plains states yesterday is here; but, alas no moisture for us.

 I have watched with such relish all the flowers develop and start to open up on the various plants here. The yuccas and pomegranate right now are the "fun" ones to watch opening up. I've pointed out the yucca stalks in their photos.

Won't be long before these open.
See the pomegranate pods opening?

The pomegranate pods opening up to flowers.

I never realized pomegranate flowers are so beautiful.
I hope I don't lose too many of the buds.
The Texas Sage has a few flowers -
very delicate and beautiful.

The cholla,  prickly pear

and other cactus are sprouting.

Three of the five Winter Jasmine shoots I planted along the alley are taking hold nicely.  I aim to replace the two and plant a couple more in the next couple of weeks.

The Southwestern Bird of Paradise tree/bushes are just covered with buds and close to opening up.(below)

I continue with the trimming of the cactus along the north side of the property, so
Taken at sunset.
when I do get my trailer here on the property, I don't step around the cactus when entering/exiting the trailer

To add to my further spring glee, is the arrival of the hummingbirds (who have to share the feeder with the house finches).
House Finches enjoy the Hummers feed basket. 

Sharing the hummers feeder - hummingbird on left and house finch on right.

Ah, finally to my self! Going to get 2 more feeders.

No moisture but beautiful sunsets that shows someone is getting rain west of us.


  1. Your cold weather has made it all the way to our place. Always fun watching things burst anew from a cold winter's sleep. We have a pomegranate tree that blooms every year, but always drops the bloom with no fruit set. Was told it was self-pollinating, but that may not be true. Enjoy your Spring, Summer is really close......

  2. Nothing like the desert in bloom. The flowers are so beautiful and the colors are amazing. Enjoy!

  3. I had never seen pomegranate flowers before. They are beautiful!

    So much fun to see what spring looks like in your part of the country!

  4. We have yuccas in our yard but they look different from yours. Prickly pear also grow in the southeast.
    Also loved the pomegranate flowers.

    Enjoy your spring!