Friday, March 7, 2014

Stop the Press. . . .

Meeting fellow blogger and Casita owner Glenda Laine and her husband Jeff, along with their 2 cats and dog Kira. They are spending time in New Mexico exploring the many State Parks and waiting for weather in Arkansas to be - well, better than it has been.  Jeff has some appointments coming up at the VA hospital in Fayetteville.

Glenda's blog is Casita Escapes and captures their adventures of full-timing in a 17 foot Casita along with their two cats and keeshond dog Kira.

Kira knows what a camera is & poses.
Today we went to lunch at a new Mexican food restaurant in town.  It was the first time Jim and I had been.  It was good.  The hot green chili I had on my smothered fries had me shed one tear and definitely cleared my sinuses.  It's a "go-back to again" restaurant.

Glenda and Jeff will be in the area for awhile.  And, we'll see each other again.  So much fun talking to a fellow Casita owner and sharing stories, funny adventures and talking about other fellow Casita/fiberglass trailer owners. 


  1. Rats! My comment disappeared when I hit Publish! Will try again.

    So glad you got to meet up with Glenda, Jeff and Kira. And Mexican food that makes you cry and clears your sinuses is the best!

    There's nothing like visiting with Casita people, is there?

    1. You betcha it's the best - you know each others mishaps since your more than likely have been there done that; garner new ideas of things to do and where to place that idea; as well as interesting places to see. Love it. Has been awhile for me.

  2. Love meeting other bloggers and making the face to face contact. Sounds like a wonderful time.

  3. Have a great time!!!!
    A visit to TorC is on our list for next time. This trip was way too short and involved the wedding....and two illnesses!
    Loved the pictures!

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  5. Follow Casita Escapes with Glenda and Jeff and I love her photos....many are just breathtaking! Yes, visiting with fellow Casitians-that word should be in my dictionary =) is always the best! Joan aka Latte