Sunday, January 12, 2014

OMG - 4% of the year is already gone and I haven't posted!

REALLY, 2 WEEKS into the new year and I am just now getting around to it.  All my blogger friends are making me feel bad.

That's the "bed hair" from my flu days.
OKAY RE: FLU, I managed to feel good enough for son Jim to come down from Socorro to spend Christmas Day with us.  We had a nice quiet time and the kids bestowed us with some very useful presents. We did get to Skype with daughter back in Kansas too.  Since I didn't have anything for a nice dinner (and didn't really feel up to fixing a nice dinner), we went out to Denny's.  I ordered a big and juicy cheeseburger topped with grilled onions and avocado slices.  The guys were more sensible and had chicken fried steak.

BY THE WEEKEND I was starting to feel better and pretty much back to normal.  Even though I had had a flu shot in October I was disappointed that I did get the flu; but, on the other hand maybe the bout would have been worse if I hadn't gotten the shot - so there might have been a little protection there.  Next year I do want to insist on the "senior" dosage as that is what I have had in the past.

THIS PAST WEEK I have been having episodes with my ears.  They feel like they are full and the tinnitus in my right ear is louder; then, they feel okay, then back again.  I have had tinnitus in both ears since the age of 3 so it's part of my life.  But, these two little things are picking up sounds I haven't heard before (like the squeaks my chair is making now as I move around) - super sensitive too.  At least I don't need the TV turned up as loud.

IN EARLY FEBRUARY, it will be 2 years since I was bestowed with my pacemaker and an extended life.  I choke up when I think about that and how happy I am to be able to continue my life with my family and friends in it, to my Casita friends, to my blogger friends and anyone else I meet along the way.  I am looking looking forward to what is to come. . . . .

IN EARLY MARCH, it will be one year since Geri and Chuck contacted me about buying their then home here in TorC.  Originally, my plan in 2013 was to prepare the house to be put on the market - repairs, painting, getting rid of junk, packing all those things that we didn't need in our day-to-day living.  Then I would meet with a realtor in January 2014 and go from there, living in the house until it was sold. The only thing I was having trouble with was when the house sold, where were we going in 30 days!  We wanted to move to New Mexico, but where?

IN STEP GERI AND CHUCK - they settled the where (Thank you).  Okay, the rest of the planning for the year progressed into Plan B, C, D, E and a few others.  We met with the realtor in June to put the house on the market, lived in the house until late September and hurried all the other prep activities in between. So far the house has had little activity.

And so, the third week of January begins. . . . .


  1. Your title is startling! I have barely gotten used to writing 2014 - and it's 4% gone already? Funny how phrasing it that way makes it seem almost scary!

    My bed hair looks exactly like yours -- only mine is all silver! What a cool photo to show what being sick looks like!

    I also have dealt with tinnitus and pressure in my ears since I was maybe 5. But I haven't had that sensitivity to sound. Ouch!

    Emily, I have gone back through my photos and old blog posts recently. And it has struck me so hard how fast time is passing -- and how I cherish the time we have been given. And how special our blogger friends are. They REALLY enrich our lives, don't they? I am filled with joy and gratitude at how precious and special life is. You are part of that.

    I have been praying that your old house would sell this month. Whether or not it does, the timing will turn out to be perfect, I bet. :)

    Wishing you a very happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Sharon. We just have to get together over a cup of coffee one of these days!

  2. Hi Emily....writing you from the library of Ajo, AZ where it is WARM!

    I love reading the gratitude in your many of us just take life for granted! I would love to hear more about your home. How big is it? And is it like a park model (which I have never seen). We would love to have a part time place here in AZ.
    Congrats on surviving the flu during the holidays.

    1. That's an idea Lynne. I'll spend some time on getting some pictures, etc together. Just today I noticed the creeping forsytia shrubs have blooms on them and lots and lots of buds. Will get some pics with shrubs in bloom. The county extension agent is coming Friday to see them as he is not familiar with the shrub. Going to pick his brain on local, native plants too.