Sunday, January 26, 2014

And Spring is Just Around the Corner - - Maybe, Depends on How Big That Corner Is

I hadn't even got out of bed when I took this one
from my bedroom window.
A BEAUTIFUL sunrise Thursday morning - tried to get some pictures of what I was seeing but my camera is just not up to par.  Clouds were coming in from the south that morning and that evening they were coming back from the northeast due to the Low moving eastward. The sunset was even more spectacular then this morning.  You'll just have to use your imagination on beautiful desert sunsets - I'll help a little with lots of oranges, reds, purples, blues.

Even with the water frozen, he still manages to
get a drink.
I SAW MY first robin this week and he is happily using the little bird dish I left on the ground and fill with water every few days.  I am starting to see hummingbird feeders up around town - seems a little bit early but I might put one up in a couple of weeks. Previous owner Geri left me her feeders and so will use them.  She was able to attract lots of different birds so I hope to keep up the tradition.

CHARGED UP the big humidifier last week.  My ears have been giving me trouble the last couple of weeks and doc says the air tubes from the middle ear are getting plugged up. He said to go back on my allergy pills and fire up the ole humidifier. I am hoping at some point to get the small humidifiers for our bedrooms.  Jim has a small personal one he uses at night and he says it helps him at night.  All part of adjusting to the new climate and the dryness.

JIM AND I drove out to explore around Elephant Butte.  A couple of Saturdays ago there was a celebration at the Elephant Butte Island to celebrate water totally surrounding the Island.  One could ride a boat shuttle out to the Island.  We checked it out last week and the sand spit is back and the Island isn't surrounded by water.  The number of RV and boats (some pretty big ones too) in storage overwhelmed Jim.  He's never seen so many in one place before.

I FINISHED moving all the cabinet door handles to the usable position; and, now working on income tax forms.  If it's like the previous 4 or 5 years for us, we won't be filing any forms again.  Sure reading a lot of books on the Kindle I won from Casita Forum last year.  I really like it. I go for the freebies and have a pretty good list of new authors to follow now.  So when I get to the point I can spend more than 99¢ on a book, will buy some of their books.

A WEEK ago, the three creeping forsythia bushes started blooming. Here is that start and below it is how much more it has opened up - even with below freezing temperatures at night.  Course the 60º (and even a couple of 70º days) days have helped.

Hope it becomes covered with little yellow flowers.
This little guy come into my folks family some where along the way. It was from my maternal side and belonged to my grandparents.  I remember my grandmother ringing it when it was time to eat, on those occasions when we would visit Nana and Bopar in Norris TN. It has a very sharp and clear ring so you can hear it far away. I don't know if my brother remembers it or not; but I am using it today to summon Jim when dinner is ready.  He often didn't hear me the first time I hollered dinner/supper was ready because of furnace noise, TV noise, ears not as good, etc.  His bedroom (he lives in it) is at the other end of the mobile home from the kitchen - hence the dinner bell.  I hear him chuckle almost every time I ring it.  I know nothing about it as there are no markings, signature, etc.  He's a cute little thing and I like him as he comes with memories.
Okay already, it's time to eat!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Personalizing - A Little

Cabinet handle in middle of door.
I HAVE NEVER understood why some cabinet makers put the handle for the door in the middle of the door.  It's not natural to reach waaaay up there or waaaay down there. Alas, the handles on the kitchen cabinet doors were - well you know where. .

AFTER UNCOUNTABLE times of tearing fingernails, pinching fingers at grabbing the logical corner of the cupboard door, I decided to move the handles.  Previous owner Geri had painted them a copper color and I didn't want to change that theme, so I moved the handles down to the logical spot! The holes from the previous position are really not that noticeable but knowing me I'll do something artsy/crafty with the holes - eventually (or fill with wood glue). . . .  The kitchen handles are moved and I just have the bathroom ones to go.
Cabinet door handles moved, so much better now.

GERI TOLD ME that the heating duct vents that run along the wall edge had been disconnected from the main heating duct work that runs down the center of the mobile home (probably when the new furnace was installed 7 or 8 years ago).  Well, one windy day there was so much wind blowing up through the one by the desk, that papers were blowing all over the place. And the air was COLD. Only thing I could figure out was the ends of the disconnected duct work was left open and air could blow up inside.  I remembered that there were a couple of wide/long magnetic strips on the washer, so I cut those to fit over the vent openings; purchased some more magnetic strips and cut them to fit the vent openings. What a difference it made inside and the furnace didn't cycle near as often.
The magnetic strip covers the whole vent - look you can see
the avocado green carpeting!
ON THE SAME NOTE, there are two furnace floor vents in my smaller bedroom. I definitely didn't need both vents blowing hot air at me and with the furnace right next to my room, the blower was giving its all to get that hot air delivered - whew.  It needed to be delivered to the other end of the mobile home almost as good as I was getting it. The vent closers weren't doing any good.  So I brought one of the stepping stone bricks in and covered the vent, located right by my bed, with the brick.  Guess what, I have a nice foot warmer!  My TV watching chair is conveniently close to my new foot warmer.
My foot warmer.  Really the socks do match!
Next posting, SPRING is springing forth - already!  It's only January for heavens sake. Please break me in gradually to spring coming earlier than I am use to.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

OMG - 4% of the year is already gone and I haven't posted!

REALLY, 2 WEEKS into the new year and I am just now getting around to it.  All my blogger friends are making me feel bad.

That's the "bed hair" from my flu days.
OKAY RE: FLU, I managed to feel good enough for son Jim to come down from Socorro to spend Christmas Day with us.  We had a nice quiet time and the kids bestowed us with some very useful presents. We did get to Skype with daughter back in Kansas too.  Since I didn't have anything for a nice dinner (and didn't really feel up to fixing a nice dinner), we went out to Denny's.  I ordered a big and juicy cheeseburger topped with grilled onions and avocado slices.  The guys were more sensible and had chicken fried steak.

BY THE WEEKEND I was starting to feel better and pretty much back to normal.  Even though I had had a flu shot in October I was disappointed that I did get the flu; but, on the other hand maybe the bout would have been worse if I hadn't gotten the shot - so there might have been a little protection there.  Next year I do want to insist on the "senior" dosage as that is what I have had in the past.

THIS PAST WEEK I have been having episodes with my ears.  They feel like they are full and the tinnitus in my right ear is louder; then, they feel okay, then back again.  I have had tinnitus in both ears since the age of 3 so it's part of my life.  But, these two little things are picking up sounds I haven't heard before (like the squeaks my chair is making now as I move around) - super sensitive too.  At least I don't need the TV turned up as loud.

IN EARLY FEBRUARY, it will be 2 years since I was bestowed with my pacemaker and an extended life.  I choke up when I think about that and how happy I am to be able to continue my life with my family and friends in it, to my Casita friends, to my blogger friends and anyone else I meet along the way.  I am looking looking forward to what is to come. . . . .

IN EARLY MARCH, it will be one year since Geri and Chuck contacted me about buying their then home here in TorC.  Originally, my plan in 2013 was to prepare the house to be put on the market - repairs, painting, getting rid of junk, packing all those things that we didn't need in our day-to-day living.  Then I would meet with a realtor in January 2014 and go from there, living in the house until it was sold. The only thing I was having trouble with was when the house sold, where were we going in 30 days!  We wanted to move to New Mexico, but where?

IN STEP GERI AND CHUCK - they settled the where (Thank you).  Okay, the rest of the planning for the year progressed into Plan B, C, D, E and a few others.  We met with the realtor in June to put the house on the market, lived in the house until late September and hurried all the other prep activities in between. So far the house has had little activity.

And so, the third week of January begins. . . . .