Monday, December 23, 2013

Mom's milk toast and the flu

When my brother and I were little tykes, mom would fix us warm milk and put pieces of bread in the bowl - for milk toast; and we had to eat it.  I couldn't ever stand it.

This morning I woke up really feeling under the weather - headache, scratchy throat, slight fever and just achy all over - not only in the joints but in between.  Abdominal area doesn't feel too good either.

I got up around 10:30 and gave some instructions to Jim to fix me some tea and toast.  He fixed spiced chai tea in some hot milk and a slice of toast.  Instead of mixing them together in a bowl, I drank the milk tea and ate the toast separately and had "milk toast" in my tummy.  Worked much better that way.

It does feel a bit like flu and guess the flu shot I got back in mid-October didn't include whatever strain I have (or at least lessening the effect of whatever strain I have.)  Back to bed for awhile.

If I don't get back on before Christmas, I wish everyone a very special day.  And, if you are celebrating another holiday this month, I send my most gracious wishes to  you.


  1. Wishing you a healthy Holiday. Hope what every you have goes as quickly as it came.

  2. Hope you're feeling better, and it's not the flu. Merry Christmas to you and Jim. Hope you have a great holiday season.

  3. My Mr. Jer remembers that as a kid....I urn for fried egg sandwiches :) may you find your special happy spot this season...feel better and a #hohoho Emily! Cozygirl

  4. My mother was a proponent of milk toast when we were sick. I don't know about the healing powers of milk toast, but I had completely forgotten about it until you mentioned it. I surely don't miss it, but I do miss my Mom.

    Hope what you have isn't the flu - I had it one Christmas a few years ago, was visiting relatives and let me tell you - it wasn't fun. Hope you're feeling better soon. Merry Christmas, and hope you have a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  5. Hope you are feeling better.....and, if not, hope it goes away real fast! Sickness at Christmas just seems so wrong. But it happens. A few years ago half of my family had the of those Christmas to forget.

    We are out here sending you healing thoughts!

  6. Thank you everyone. I woke up this morning feeling lots of Peace and Love, yearning for a nice hot shower and a big waffle piled high with whipped cream and coconut sprinkled on top. What a great Day to feel back to normal again. Best Christmas present I could have received.

  7. Sorry I didn't see this in time to wish you a quick recovery. But so glad you beat me to it.

    Loved the story of milk toast in the tummy. :)

    Hope you continue to feel better and better!

  8. Funny how those "sickie" meals our families made does make things better! Never did the milk toast and I'm with you Emily, would not be my thing. Ours was a soft boiled egg with lots of salt and pepper. Can't even think about eating that unless I'm really sick with those flu like symptoms...HA! We knew if we stayed home from school sick that is what we would get with chicken noodle soup with lots of crunched up saltine crackers =) So GLAD you are feeling better and thanks for a walk down memory lane with family that are all gone now! Happy New Year~~~Latte aka Joan

    1. Thanks Joan, yes it is funny sometimes when those old memories pop up. I liked my version with hot milk spiced chai tea and dry toast much, much better. But, if I had not been given milk toast in my youth, I probably would not have brought up the "mom" memory. I remember the soft boiled eggs too but not near as often as the milk toast. Happy New Year to you too.