Monday, December 23, 2013

Mom's milk toast and the flu

When my brother and I were little tykes, mom would fix us warm milk and put pieces of bread in the bowl - for milk toast; and we had to eat it.  I couldn't ever stand it.

This morning I woke up really feeling under the weather - headache, scratchy throat, slight fever and just achy all over - not only in the joints but in between.  Abdominal area doesn't feel too good either.

I got up around 10:30 and gave some instructions to Jim to fix me some tea and toast.  He fixed spiced chai tea in some hot milk and a slice of toast.  Instead of mixing them together in a bowl, I drank the milk tea and ate the toast separately and had "milk toast" in my tummy.  Worked much better that way.

It does feel a bit like flu and guess the flu shot I got back in mid-October didn't include whatever strain I have (or at least lessening the effect of whatever strain I have.)  Back to bed for awhile.

If I don't get back on before Christmas, I wish everyone a very special day.  And, if you are celebrating another holiday this month, I send my most gracious wishes to  you.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Eggie is Home (almost), and

WHAT A NICE looking new cardiologist I have!

WELL, THE "man of my heart" Eggie is close by - right across the street where I can see him.

I TRIED to get Eggie into my carport parking area, but my truck is too long to maneuver around in an alley with gas meters, telephone poles, fences and so on.  I tried a suggestion made by my neighbor across the alley - and it partially worked but I just kept getting too much crank between the trailer and truck.  I feel it still can be done,
I want him right where the yellow arrow is.  I'll get him there - eventually.
I just have to angle right and have enough room to maneuver around.  Have been considering a front end receiver too - maybe a dolly, a mechanical or electric one as I may not be able to push in a few years.  I'll get it worked out; but, meanwhile Eggie is where I can see him and work on him too.  He is dirty!

OH AND my new cardiologist.  Yup, yup, yup.  Think I am going to like him; though, problem may be getting accurate blood pressure readings!  I am currently 2 months behind in having information from the pacemaker downloaded.  I am a abit anxious to see what has happened as there has been a bit of a strain on the ole ticker, what with the move and such with stress and worry.  I'll be going back to Las Cruces next week for downloading that info.  I have a Medtronics PM and a rep is the one who has to do it, the cardio goes over the report to see what activity has gone on and how often ye ole PM has  had to kick in.  In February, will be getting the full gambit of a diagnostic testing done to see how the plumbing is doing.

OOPS AND TODAY I discovered I forgot to put some antifreeze on top of the commode's flapper thingy.  There is RV antifreeze in the black tank, but forgot to leave some in the bowl.  And the flapper thingy is frozen shut.  We have been fortunate to not have the miserable weather that has been plaguing the mid-section of the country and even the northern part of NM, but are having the below freezing temperatures.  Today was beautiful with clouds hanging around all the mountains around us and a hole in the clouds right over us with the sun shining through for most of the day. We have been seeing a lot of that type of weather since we moved here.  We are the hole in the donut!

HAVE STARTED putting up Christmas decorations outside and a few inside.  It is getting me in the festive mood.  No plans this year, hope son Jim will be able to join us.  This will be the first Christmas in more years than I want to count without daughter Juno with us.  It is going to be hard.


My little Christmas trees

My favorite Christmastime Navajo rug with
it's red and green colors.

MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS are going out to all my family, friends and readers, of all faiths, for a joyous season, and a safe one and that you have love from family and friends like I do.