Saturday, November 23, 2013

We Got Snow in Da Desert

BEEN waiting until the weather got "nasty" and I had to stay inside, to write another entry in my blog.  Meanwhile, I just keep doing stuff outside, inside and where ever when this beautiful weather allows.

WE HAVE had several nice rains and I have to remember that the "rains" here are different than in Kansas.  I guess I would call them more like desert squalls - in, dump rain, and gone.  The mulberry tree is shedding its leaves and I "raked" up the leaves.  I have never "raked" up leaves on a gravel yard before using a leaf blower - like chasing a herd of cats.  I got it figured out.  I have trimmed a Mormon Tea bush that has grown into the alley because the trash truck is running over the bush in its trek to getting to the trash dumpster.

MUCH LATER: It's snowing, its snowing right now.  Took a couple of pictures of the snow coming down and a couple cactus plants in the yard:
The "beavertail", as I call it.

Yucca in snow

Yucca still blooming in the "bloomin" snow

Truck partially under the carport cover.
DO YA think I am excited?  Yup.  It's 28 degrees outside and the wind is blowing; but it doesn't feel like a Kansas 28ยบ with the wind blowing.

UNPACKING of boxes is pretty much done, just a couple more to go.  Still some odds and ends I need to put somewhere but not in big rush.

Picture I took of living room awhile back; and
now.  Much better but not done.
HERE IS a view out my kitchen window (before snow natch):
Now if I could just move that pole.  That red splotch
just to the middle right, is our life flight helicopter.  It
is pretty close and stationed at the hospital.

Okay, gotta go back outside to see how much more there is.  Have a good evening.