Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Will the Boxes Ever End??????

A bed!  Wow!  Housemates bedroom is beginning to look like a bedroom again.  Me, am still sleeping just on the mattress with no sheets yet.  They were found last night but I was just, well - - - -.

Kids and I had dinner with Geri and Chuck up at Elephant Butte Country Club.  No membership required.  Beautiful area and the food was good; but, the company was a whole lot better.  I am sure going to miss those two.  A whole lot.

We have Internet now, so am in touch with what is going on.  Not happy with what I am hearing/reading about the closure of lots of national parks due to the shutdown.  Geez, wonder whose fault that is - hmmm seems like those elected folks up there in Wash DC.

Kids and I are going to work on some more boxes today - either opening or getting them into storage; then, tomorrow daughter Juno and I are going to explore the TorC area.  She is fascinated with the town.

Plans call for daughter and I to leave on Sat and head back to the Kansas house.  I'll be there for a week to finish up paint touch-ups, etc; then watch daughter participate in The Day of Caring for breast cancer survivor activities on Sat the 12th and then I'll work my way back home with my little trailer.

I'll work on some pictures - probably when I get back.  I keep forgetting to take some pictures.


  1. You need to give us your new e-mail address...... curious minds wanna know~

  2. So glad you made it there. Take it easy with the boxes... they aren't going anywhere. :)

    Hoping all the aggravating details are sorted out soon and you can just enjoy your new surroundings.