Sunday, October 20, 2013

Priorities - Right?

Got to have the morning coffee area organized and ready to go, right?
Course I have moved it 3 times already, hope this is the last for awhile.

Doesn't matter if the rest of the place looks, well. . . . . (kind of like we just moved in).

We have "gobs" of bubble wrap, which am going to donate to a couple of thrift stores.
The kids taking apart one of the futons, the Hajek's left, so daughter Juno could fill a void in her living room (I brought the sofa here with me).  She and her cats have found it verrrry comfortable.

Our first home cooked dinner together - all 4 of us - in my new home.  The Hajek's left us a bottle of champagne and 4 beautiful fluted champagne glasses, in the refrigerator, to celebrate.  Err, have gained some weight, I see by the picture, must be all that take-out, grab-what-I-can food I've eaten over the last 3 months.  
I have just signed the papers at the abstract company.  Chuck & Geri are almost ready to head out on their trek to Florida.  They left the next morning in their 5th wheel.  Chuck and Geri use to own little trailers, like mine as that is how I met Geri, when she was living in Eastpointe FL.  That is where they are headed now to hang their hats for awhile.

We have been fortunate and found a doctor right away - Dr Kyoung Lee, who is also new to TorC.  Jim and I really like him.  Dr Lee is setting me up with a cardiologist in Las Cruces, since my quarterly pacemaker report is now past due.  I am learning how the town is laid out and where the essential businesses are located.  Nice grocery store downtown, called Bullocks.  Gave Jim a windshield tour of the downtown area and the Rio Grande River - not much in it right now but flowing a little.

Eggie is in storage for awhile, parked between two BIG boys.  Think he'll hold his own with them. I will have a place for him here eventually; but, for right now I did not want "him" to distract me from getting the new home livable.

When was the last time you saw an avocado green commode?

Until next time.  (maybe most of the boxes will be gone at next posting)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Will the Boxes Ever End??????

A bed!  Wow!  Housemates bedroom is beginning to look like a bedroom again.  Me, am still sleeping just on the mattress with no sheets yet.  They were found last night but I was just, well - - - -.

Kids and I had dinner with Geri and Chuck up at Elephant Butte Country Club.  No membership required.  Beautiful area and the food was good; but, the company was a whole lot better.  I am sure going to miss those two.  A whole lot.

We have Internet now, so am in touch with what is going on.  Not happy with what I am hearing/reading about the closure of lots of national parks due to the shutdown.  Geez, wonder whose fault that is - hmmm seems like those elected folks up there in Wash DC.

Kids and I are going to work on some more boxes today - either opening or getting them into storage; then, tomorrow daughter Juno and I are going to explore the TorC area.  She is fascinated with the town.

Plans call for daughter and I to leave on Sat and head back to the Kansas house.  I'll be there for a week to finish up paint touch-ups, etc; then watch daughter participate in The Day of Caring for breast cancer survivor activities on Sat the 12th and then I'll work my way back home with my little trailer.

I'll work on some pictures - probably when I get back.  I keep forgetting to take some pictures.