Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More Updates


Okay, this is current.  I did make current comments in italics in the previous post [the one that I just lost].  Okay where was I?  Three weeks to go.  Three weeks from today we will be in New Mexico.  Son will be coming to help load and drive. Daughter is taking vacation time to help load and drive.  Yea.

We've had only one more lookie see since I wrote the below and the place is too small for her needs.  But still keeping the place cleaned, lawn mowed - it is drying out again with the week or so of 100º days.  Cooler temps are predicted, plus maybe some rain.

I was hoping to make the KS Eggstravagana Casita rally at Milford Lake, Near Junction City; but, it just didn't work out to go this year, so am going to make every effort to go next year. I did get an oil change for Big Red truck but he got a 4-wheel alignment instead of a tire rotation.  It wasn't a big problem, but (gulp) I had not had an alignment in almost 100,000 miles.  And it wasn't too much out of alignment, said the techie.

Every year, the elm tree aphids (not the same as aphids you find on, say roses,) converge upon elm trees.  They are propagated by ants as the aphids produce a sap that is called "honeydew" and the ants looooove the honeydew. (Kind of like cattle ranchers, except the ants are the aphid ranchers!)  Problem is the honeydew doesn't stay in the tree or consumed totally by the ants (am giving you a generalization).  It has to drop - on the ground, on plants, on vehicles, on houses.  This year, the aphids have been extremely productive.  

Under the tree looked worse
on the siding.
One morning I walked out to go to the garage and noticed my siding under the elm tree, was black (it wasn't like that a couple of days earlier).  No way could I have a house up for sale with that ugly black on it.  And, since we still can't use water outside, power washing was out.  I filled buckets of water from my rain barrel and scrubbed the sap off.

Yukkie honeydew on
iris leaves.
Then I noticed my iris plant leaves, under the elm, were stained black, as well as the patio stones and so on.  What a mess.

Medical offices told me that they would have to charge me 25¢ a page for my medical records if I picked up the records - even to put on disc; but, it would not cost anything to have my new docs request the records because it is "continuing coverage".  So guess will go that way - cheaper at least.

Ended up paying my neighbor to finish painting the house eaves for me.  He could get
I managed to paint the east
side eaves.
out in the heat and work, so that job is done.  He
Fans new medallion
also put up the new living room ceiling fan medallion - at least the ugly spot is covered up.

Am taking a break from scraping carpet tape off the concrete front porch; so, will have something cool to drink, read the paper and make a few comments here.  And, let the hair dryer cool down too.  Using heat seems to be the fastest way to remove that tape.  I am replacing the outdoor 20+/-" wide carpet piece with a like 5x7 piece.  Who(m) ever slicked down the top of the solid concrete porch (when it was still wet), didn't realize that when it is cold, colder, and coldest that surface is slicker than shiny ice.  You can slide on it - and like me, end up on your ba-hunkass. Since, I have learned there is a rough surface paint that can be applied - or paint and throw sand on it while it is wet.  I like the carpet idea.  It can be easily cleared of snow and doesn't get slick, not at least in the 4/5 years I've had this runner.  That's my project for today and tomorrow.
Scrape, scrape, scrape off old tape.

Well, my thermometer out front says it is 104º with heat index of 109º.  I knew when I got to the part of the porch (facing south) that was in the sun, it would be easier to get the carpet tape up.  Yup.  I spread some very fine dust over the glue for now and will wash with soap and water this evening.

The boxes have piled up in daughter's garage.  Am now starting to leave them here at my house and if anyone wants to look they will understand when they are told we are moving.

Autumn Morning by Ken Johnston
I have two large prints from a favorite artist Ken Johnston that I am packing extra special.  Ken wrote on this one: "Especially for Emily. May each morning find your heart filled with the Light of Love."  It is titled Autumn Morning. On the one titled: Fog and Frost, he wrote - "For Emily. May each moment of peace embrace you in this painting and in your life."  I see them each morning when I wake up.
Fog & Frost by Ken Johnston
They were framed beautifully by a friend who lived in Oologah OK, when I lived in Claremore - famed for the Will Rogers museum. Sandi was an artist herself and a beautiful person. She was the first person I had experienced the life and death of one's struggle with breast cancer.

Well, the utilities (except gas & electricity) have been notified of cutoff dates and the new ones have start dates. I'll get my new cell phone when I get there since I am using a local server here. I have met with the plumber who will be replacing the toilet bowl and with the carpet cleaners also.  So many things to check off the list. I'll come back the following week to do some painting and touch ups; then hitch up Eggie and head for my new home.  I'd like to take a looooong way home.


  1. One good thing about this heat....great you were able to get the glue fixed up. Autumn Morning is just beautiful! It's getting close...know you can't wait. My Cozy is calling me too...won't be long!

    1. Even though it's still early to work on trailer, I can't keep away.

  2. Yay, moving day on the radar. Hope everything goes smoothly the next few weeks.

    1. Yes, it's starting to get exciting. Son just emailed he will be able to come up 2 days earlier then planned. He'll keep mom calmed down.

  3. What fun to hear all the plans for the new life! I would consider it a new life if relocating from Kansas to NM!

    Every year my beautiful green shrubs and purple beauty berry is covered with the nasty back coat from the elm tree's aphids. Just hate it, I would cut it but it's the neighbor's tree.
    Probably no elm at the new home!

    1. No elm, Lynne; but, we have a mulberry - and you know how the birds love those berries and leave that (pretty) purple poop behind!

    2. YUP! We have purple poop beneath the Mulberry tree! LOL! Something to look forward to! :-) See you soon!