Friday, September 20, 2013

Eggcarto Has New "SHOES"

I finally got new tires for the trailer.  Finally.  The old ones had around 40,000 miles on them and according to the date stamp are getting close to 5 years old.  Trailer has been sitting for little over a year.  I never took it out to "exercise" (rotate) the tires. even though I had them up on jacks.

Well one thing I have learned, is that my muscles maybe in shape to work on the house, the others aren't in shape to hitch up the trailer.  I had no trouble going through and remembering the various things that had to be done to hitch up - even double checked against my check-list.  Almost like never forgetting to ride a bike or type on a typewriter. Typewriter?  Okay that dates me.

The big problem came when I attempted to get the trailer pulled past the garage.  Won't go into an explanation, but between the truck and the trailer I could have taken out the southwest corner of the garage.  Ha.  Ended up using the jack wheel, unhitching, pushing the front of the trailer away from the garage, re-hitching and THEN successfully getting the trailer where I wanted it for the night.  I was pooped and hungry so we ordered pizza from Arthur's Pizza and Mexican Food. So Eggcarto is back in his home spot now, sporting new tires.  Next is a new battery as the current one is 5 years old.

I had stopped by daughter's house before unhitching and picked up her dog Buster.  Buster likes to be "truck dog" so brought him over while I unhitched.  He met the neighbor's cat who doesn't like dogs and they ended up having a little go around.  Juno, Buster hasn't forgotten how to chase cats! (Juno has a feral cat that adopted her & shortly thereafter presented here with a litter of kittens.  The feral cat doesn't run from Buster - she just puts up with him.)

In a week the U-Haul truck will be loaded and the carpets will be getting cleaned as well as a little bit of plumbing work being done.  A week from tomorrow we shall be on the road.  Son, who lives in Socorro NM, will be here to help load and drive; daughter Juno is taking time off to help load and drive too.  And Buster is going with us, but not driving and I doubt he will be doing any loading.


  1. Sounds like it's all coming together for you. Hope everything goes as planned and you have a wonderful journey Southward to NM.

    1. Thanks Jerry. Am going to try and squeeze in a small trip to the eastern side of the state to spend a nite or two with some friends before heading west. Just taking the trailer to the coop for the new tires got my blood stirring and a hankering for the "3" of us to be together again - truck, Eggie and me.

  2. WooHoo! Tell Eggcarto his new shoes look like a nice fit and style. :D

    Yep, I remember typewriters. Remember what a wonder the Selectrics were when they first came out?

    I wish I could move my trailer by the jack wheel. It would save me from so many iffy situations.

    Glad it all came back to you... and hope your move goes smoothly.

    1. I think I had some help from the Man upstairs. That is the first time I have used the wheel since owning the trailer; and it moved so easy across the ground still soft from the rains we had a week ago. I remember feeling so surprised at how it easy it moved.

  3. Excited that you are going to be on the road and letting us follow along...(I hope!)

    Your "exercising" may have been limited for the past year but 40,000 miles is impressive! It's got to be fun for you but know changes can be challenging.

    Safe travels!

  4. Yes Lynne, change is challenging and this one has been challenging and the reward will be great when the challenge is over. Then I'll find another one or two! And, one had better include my Eggie.