Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Little Respite in Pierre SD

On August 19th, I did get away for 5 days to see my friend Mary in Pierre SD.  She sent me a message and wondered if I could take some time and get away for a break.  So on the (really) spur of the moment that was the only week I could.  I drove out to pick up Antique Mike in Oakley and we drove up to Pierre.  Mary use to own the RV park I worked at for 2 summers and Antique Mike owns the antique store next to the park.

 These are pictures of the ba-zillion sunflowers in the Nebraska Sand Hills.  And, my solar-powered bobbing sunflower, a present from my brother. I had never seen the Hills covered like this.

The Sand Hills of Nebraska were gorgeous.  It was just the most beautiful sight to see.  We did have a good week sightseeing, eating, relaxing, more sightseeing and more eating.  We spent time exploring the Capitol building as well as the State Historical Museum.
Antique Store owner Mike and Mary with Capitol building behind.

South Dakota Veterans Memorial adjacent to Capitol.  The lake
is fed by a natural spring located nearby.
Here the panel is going to be placed in a
transporting box for cleaning.

We did get to see the Capitol dome's stained glass windows being removed for cleaning and repair.  Interesting.

The stained glass panel is in that box being lowered.

Pierre is a small, quaint town.  In just a matter of 3 or 4 minutes, from the Capitol building, you are out of town.  The population is around 13/14 thousand and smaller than my nearby community of Hays.  Pierre sustained extensive flood damage a few years ago from melting snows that emptied into the Missouri River.  You can still see damage but a lot of repair and rebuilding going on.  Lots of little houses that are even smaller than mine.  We watched one, down the street from Mary's, being moved onto a lot.
And then it is just slid to the lot.
Thanks Mary for an enjoyable week and a break from all the moving activities.  I'd like to do some more exploring with my little trailer.


  1. It's so good to hear that you were able to get away and enjoy a few days with friends and new scenery.

    I was intrigued by the dome windows. I would not have imagined they would need to be removed for cleaning. Interesting!

    1. I think the emphasis for removing them would be for repair. The information provided on the rotunda floor told about the company doing this and how this and that is done. I didn't take the time to read all of it but the storyboards showed how the framework, moulding, etc is created, etc. It was quite an operation to remove them from the dome, safely place them in that box, lower it to the floor, load the panel on a cart and move it over to a specially made transportation box. These panels are not flat but have a slight curve for the dome.

      Yes, it was wonderful to get away for a few days and do/see something different. I am going to be so hungry for "new" when I get to NM.