Saturday, July 20, 2013

Burn Out! Burn Out!

Think I am starting to get through that phase.

Got so tired of the scraping old paint, applying primer, waiting to harden, painting, scraping, etc.  Got tired of keeping the house clean! Got tired of praying for rain so my grasses didn't totally die out; and it went on and on.

We had a nice half inch rain last night and the once brown grass amazingly turned green overnight!  I did a little painting on the eaves but often used the excuse that it was too hot and paint doesn't do good over 90ยบ.  Becomes quite thick.  My legs were getting tired of up and down the ladder.  So taking a break

But the rain and greening of the grass is helping bring me out of the burn out.  I did do a little baking and let the house get dirty!  That made it look lived in.

I just have the trim around the storage area over the closet to do in the back bedroom and to paint the inside of the closet a white color.  I gave myself to the end of August to complete painting the eaves on the east and west sides of the house.  No picture of a "burned out Emily".

No lookie seers, but that is not surprising.  It's too dang hot to house hunt.  At least I
wouldn't be out looking.

And another reason for a break, was daughter had a laproscopic hysterectomy 10 days ago and mom needed to be available to help, especially if it ended up being an abdominal surgery instead.  I spent a couple of nights with her.  She's getting back on her feet very well.  She got her car back yesterday (I had been using it) as the doctor said no driving for 7-10 days.  She's contemplating going back to work part-time next week.  I run over to do heavy lifting (over 10 pds) of things or help otherwise.  I did some weeding this morning to take advantage of the soft ground after our rain.

I feel I am getting closer to spending a little time with my trailer.  He looks so neglected out back.  Don't ask how a "neglected" trailer looks. Going to have to figure out how to give the trailer a "dry" bath since we cannot use water outside anytime.  Do you suppose by the end of August I might still have some water in my rain barrels to use?


  1. Larry and I had a thought on the trailer. Can you take it to a truck wash someplace?

    1. I could haul it over to Hays and use one of the car wash places, which is probably what I'll do. Did that a couple of years ago and it was sure nice to have it done all at once.

  2. Think you need to hook up and head out for a week or so. Good for the body and soul:-)

    1. You got a heck of a good idea Jerry. Hmmm. . . .

  3. Emily, seriously, take Jerry's advice.

    I get depressed and stir-crazy when I don't get out for a while. Just one week out camping gives me a whole new lease on life... for a few days, anyway!

    You NEED a break from all that work. It would burn anyone out!

    And think of Eggie's feelings, too. I bet he's feeling neglected and abandoned! :D

  4. Thanks Sharon, he has put a "bee in my bonnet" and with re-enforcing him . . . .

  5. Emily, I wanted to add something.

    My sister Gail (with the van) and I start getting depressed and losing motivation when we don't get out camping often enough. When we get to the point we start thinking, "Why go out and sit beside a lake somewhere again?" we KNOW that we REALLY need a trip badly.

    And once we get out, it's not just "sitting by a lake." It's a whole new perspective on life.

    I really do worry about your not getting out and experiencing that re-creation. :)

    1. I appreciate your concern. Am doing pretty good right now. I am working on my craft out in the trailer and that is helping. Also, I am going to start cleaning up Eggie in a few weeks in preparation for heading over to Milford Lake and the Kansas rally. Am getting excited about that. I'll hang in there. Sept will be a busy month getting ready to move to NM.