Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Back to the Painting. . . .

The For Sale sign is up, the papers signed and all the questions (for now) are answered.  I think I know more about my house now than I did before going through a bazillion papers!

The house is "staged" which means there is nothing (really) personal showing.  All personal pictures and items are boxed and stored for the move in September.  It is amazing how the removal of 3 or 4 pieces of furniture gives such a "spacious" look. Re-arranged the remaining pieces and wa-law, a new look.

There are still projects to work on:  the painting in the back bedroom, painting the eaves outside on the west and east sides of the house, scrubbing of the dining room floor, finish cleaning the siding and window washing on the west side.
How does siding get so dirty?  Cleaned on left, dirty on right.
 I think I am going to wait about painting the walls, I might tackle the dining room.

Right now I need to focus on painting the back bedroom.  So it is back to scraping off the paint placed over the oil-based enamel.  I'll sand and clean the enamel, then paint over with a bonding primer before applying color.  I did this process to a cabinet door and let the primer have a good month to harden.  I have banged and scraped that primer and it is not budging.
At least it is easy to scrape off.

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  1. I didn't realize you still had so much left to do. Ugh! Hope it goes fast with no unforeseen glitches.

    It will be such welcome news to hear that it has sold! :)