Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Open House is Over

Wow, it's a lot of work getting a house ready for the selling stage . . . make it look spacious, make it look impersonal, make it look healthy, etc.  Or maybe that's just part of the marketing side of my previous professional life.  But, it still looks so EMPTY.

There was a print mix up on the time of the open house in the realtor's ad - not sure whose fault it was. Tim said that 3 older couples came by to look.  This is a nice retiree house with everything on the same floor, not a big house to keep clean, and an easy yard to maintain.

Now I don't feel so pressured to get this done and get that done, especially now that I don't have that much left to do - still finish painting the trim in the back bedroom and the eaves on the east and west side of the house.  And, a few other small projects.

I am taking a few days off and visiting my friend Sarah and Sherry in Dodge City KS for the 4th celebration.  This is our traditional "burnt hot dog and potato salad" get-together we do during the summer.

I ran across this quote in a comment on RVSue and Crew's blog (listed in my list of blogs I follow to the right) and it clunked me on the forehead. I cringe when I hear music from my past or see pictures of old cars, etc. I guess I am just not ready to be in the real old age mind frame yet according to May Sarton: “I suppose real old age begins when one looks backward rather than forward.”

Have a safe and fun 4th Celebration.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Back to the Painting. . . .

The For Sale sign is up, the papers signed and all the questions (for now) are answered.  I think I know more about my house now than I did before going through a bazillion papers!

The house is "staged" which means there is nothing (really) personal showing.  All personal pictures and items are boxed and stored for the move in September.  It is amazing how the removal of 3 or 4 pieces of furniture gives such a "spacious" look. Re-arranged the remaining pieces and wa-law, a new look.

There are still projects to work on:  the painting in the back bedroom, painting the eaves outside on the west and east sides of the house, scrubbing of the dining room floor, finish cleaning the siding and window washing on the west side.
How does siding get so dirty?  Cleaned on left, dirty on right.
 I think I am going to wait about painting the walls, I might tackle the dining room.

Right now I need to focus on painting the back bedroom.  So it is back to scraping off the paint placed over the oil-based enamel.  I'll sand and clean the enamel, then paint over with a bonding primer before applying color.  I did this process to a cabinet door and let the primer have a good month to harden.  I have banged and scraped that primer and it is not budging.
At least it is easy to scrape off.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Okay, must confess to all my activities lately:

My abode is for sale.
Oh by the way, that's the neighbor's dog Isabelle on the porch.
Eggie, housemate Jim and I will be moving to New Mexico - Truth or Consequences in fact.  I will be buying the home of two dear friends Geri and Chuck.  They plan on full-timing in their 5th-wheel trailer and will be based out of Florida.

Besides doing all that kitchen work and back bedroom work, I have been packing boxes, and boxes, and boxes of stuff.  Would have been a whole lot more boxes if daughter Juno and I hadn't participated in the Ellis City-Wide garage sale on June 1.  And, afterwards the local thrift shop came by and picked up what we had left.

Where the heck did all those forms and questions come from that I had to answer.  Geeze, I think I know more about the house than I did before.

I found a picture of the front of the house when I bought it.