Thursday, May 23, 2013

FINALLY! The Cabinet Doors are

going back up!  It has been two months since I took them down; stripped them and put on new primer, let that cure and harden and then put the finish coats of semi-gloss on them and let that paint cure and harden.  Actually the finish coats have another week to 10 days to finish hardening.  Being as it's an acrylic paint, it needs 30 days to harden  But, I was getting impatient.  We won't close them for those remaining 7-10 days though.

I did drop one on the top of my left foot from the counter.  The door did suffer a little damage to the paint and see a little color showing up in the ankle area of my foot.  The cabinetry in this house is made from a very heavy and hard wood.  And, probably all hand done on site back in the 40's too.  The hinges I cleaned off and sprayed with a chrome paint turned out pretty good - not as pretty as polished chrome, but I am happy.

Still to do in the kitchen is to paint the ceiling - that's later.  I want to enjoy my new cabinets for awhile.

The touchup and detail work is almost done in the bathroom.  The inside of the door and cabinets got their finishing paint 3 weeks ago and the paint is still hardening.  The mirror and door hooks are back up.  The door hardware will go back up in 10 days or so as I painted the hall side of that door and the back bedroom door gray to match the trim in the hallway.

Haven't progressed much further in scraping the paint off the trim in the back bedroom but have my paint purchased and ready.

Since we can't do any outside watering or use water outside, I am cleaning off my siding with lots of brush scrubing.  Actually, I am waiting for a little rain and then get out there with my brushes and scrub and scrub!  Amazing how much dust collects on the siding in a year.  The windows and their screens are getting cleaned too.  This will take me a couple of weeks, since my legs are not fond of a lot of ladder climbing.

I have two grand-nephews with birthdays right after Memorial Day weekend, so busy making the new pillowcases.  Dustin is going to be 5 on Tuesday and Tyler will be 2 on Friday.  This is the fabric for Tyler - doggies, race cars and fishies. This is my project for Friday. (besides putting up the 2 remaining cabinet doors)
I hope every one has an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend and a safe one.  I am going to be spending more time getting ready for the city-wide garage sale daughter and I are participating in on June 1.


  1. Always amaze me! I know that must feel great to get the doors back on.

    We are in a non-domestic traveling mode but we worked hard on our house for years after we married. I'd like to find the perfect sweet spot between travel and creative domesticity.

  2. Congratulations on your progress. You have accomplished a LOT. Bet it feels good to stand back and admire it! :)

    Ron pressure washed the front of the house the other day. I can't imagine scrubbing with a brush... but I guess you just start and do what you have to do, right? :)

    The pillowcases are such a unique gift -- one they will remember as long as they live.

    You have a great weekend, too!