Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Is It an Oxymoron. . . .

to have snow on a rain barrel that's almost filled with rain water? On April 23rd?  Even my artifical flowers have snow on them.

Oh well, Mother Nature would say "You humans, you complain about the drought and no moisture, now you complain about snow!"  But, I'd say "Why didn't you do this earlier so we'd be in spring by now?"  My thoughts to the folks handling all the flooding problems.


  1. 2013...the spring that never came!

    Can't believe that I am still seeing snow on these blogs!

  2. We humans seem to be wired to be disappointed when everything isn't perfect. I'm avoiding the sun today due to a nasty sunburn -- and staying inside because the wind is too chilly out of direct sun.

    Hoping a perfect spring will find you soon -- and stick around for you to enjoy before summer's heat comes.

    Sure wish you could find a way to escape in your Casita for a while. Wishing the best for you! (Seriously, I really am!) :)

  3. Look on the bright side. You can sure use the moisture.:-)

    1. Amen to the moisture, Jerry. Now wish I had another barrel, but have a big blue trash can for the overflow - won't look pretty but the blue matches the blue accents I have around the outside of the house. Keep on, err Casitian.