Friday, April 19, 2013

And the Paint is Peeling - With Some Help. . . .

My body has decided it needs a rest from climbing up and down ladders, bending, twisting for the last 2 or 3 days.  It is refusing to do much - and, the brain seems to be going along with the body's idea.  Have you ever had days like that?

As many of us are experiencing "different" Spring weather, the work I need to do outside
(or with windows open and fans blowing) has slowed me down - according to me!  And, the weather man says there might be snow again next week (we had the whole gamut last night - thunder, rain, frozen rain, sleet, wind, snow)!

I am still working on the kitchen:  the cabinet framework is painted with the semi-gloss I chose called "Quiet White".  I have put two cabinet doors back up.  Am letting the paint harden before closing the doors.
Oh, disappointment on removing paint off the cabinet hinges:  only the first 2 cabinet doors had the polished/shiny hinges, the rest, as I am uncovering them, are a satin chrome finish.  Darn, really liked the shiny chrome.  Ya, I can buy them to match but not high on my priority list now.

The ceiling color is on the left, painted soffit on the right.
The soffit over the counter and sink is also done; but, it is certainly white in comparison to the yellowish-white ceiling!  I was hoping there wouldn't be too much difference. Since we have had so many overcast days lately, I wanted to wait until the sun came out (today, yea) to compare and make a tentative decision. I am going to apply some elbow grease to cleaning part of the ceiling and see if that helps.  It needs doing anyway.

Meanwhile, I started scraping the paint applied on the trim in the back bedroom.  Underneath is a layer (or two) of beige oil-based enamel.  It is a color I want to use on the trim, so am peeling off the white latex as much as possible.  Unfortunately, the quart of matching paint, that would be used on areas that won't scrape, isn't matching and is nothing near the color of "Vanilla".  Back to the paint store.  I will be applying a primer recommended by several paint stores before painting on the semi-gloss.  I like semi-gloss on trims so it is easier to remove smudges, etc.
I did get valances made for the back bedroom and painted primer on the trim around the window.  When I had the new windows installed 3 or 4 years ago, new trim was used and I am just now getting around to applying primer/paint.  Eventually, the walls will get painted too.

But for today, it's doing laundry, playing games on the computer, reading on my new Kindle I won, may vacuum (may), may take the paint back (may).  I don't usually win arguments with my body, especially when the mind has joined forces with the body.

My prayers and thoughts are with the folks affected by the events in the Boston area; and, with all who are suffering from the explosion in West TX.


  1. You need to slow down. You are making me look bad. Cabinets look great.

  2. Sounds like you are able to listen to your body and follow the messages that it's giving to you. Always a wise decision!

    This has been a difficult week for our country....lots of sadness. Sometimes it's hard to find the silver linings....which I believe are always there.