Saturday, March 16, 2013

Remember when . . . .?

kitchen wallpaper like this was popular?  I really hope it still isn't.

This was underneath the current wallpaper (stripes) - and the current wallpaper in the kitchen was put up just before I bought my house in late 2005.  Wallpaper from the 40's or 50's?  I remember seeing this type of pattern when I was a youngster - thank heavens not in my parents houses.  If everything in my kitchen was retro decorated, it might be acceptable.

I have started peeling/scraping the portion of paper over the counter/sink/stove area.  The other 3 walls are good and the paper is not peeling off.  It's too late to try and re-paste this peeling part.  This area, alas, gets all the steam from the sink, stove and our coffeemakers (we have 2 - his and mine).  So it is getting painted instead, in a slight off-white color to reflect light better, right over the original wallpaper. It is that board you bought (or buy) already papered.

Left soffit area to be painted
Center soffit area to be painted.  There is one
painted area for some reason (to right in picture)

Right soffit to be painted.
I am hoping just a good cleaning of the ceiling will suffice and it's not terribly yellowed.

In other news:  I won a Kindle HD in the Casita Club Member Appreciation Drawing that the webmaster Eric has.  I received it last Thursday and am so proud of myself at how fast I am taking to it.  Tonight, my friend Mary is going to teach me about Skype.  I downloaded a free book and have started reading it.  I haven't found the set of games I downloaded too.  Am really not much of a game player on my laptop, much prefer on the bigger screen PC my housemate has so playing on the 7" Kindle could be a challenge for me.

Ta, ta - off to work in the kitchen some more.


  1. That wallpaper looks familiar from a former 1920's home I owned many years ago! I'm guessing it's late 1940s.
    Congrats on the can also check out library e books if your library has them.

  2. I definitely remember that wallpaper. I can't remember where, though. But that's a pattern you don't forget! :D

    I am thrilled that you won the Kindle! That was the best prize they offered, in my opinion!