Friday, March 22, 2013

Cabinet Doors are a Comin' Down

I have started removing the cabinet doors - not an easy task considering they probably haven't been removed since putting up 50 plus years ago and have a number of layers of paint on them.  Why am I taking them down?  'Cause I feel like it; and, it wouldn't hurt to clean the hinges up a bit and brighten the inside of the cabinets.  The doors will be sanded down when the weather turns nice and I can work on them outside.  The handles are being removed and they will be cleaned up too.

Cupboard doors removed
The inside of the cupboards are getting cleaned and a fresh coat of white paint.  I have new liner that will be added.
And the soffit above the cabinets has it's two coats of primer (one coat shown here) awaiting it's new paint.

I will be picking up the paint next week.  The white really reflects a lot of light coming in the outside door to the right and from the lone light on the ceiling.

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  1. I love light, bright kitchens.

    My cupboard doors need to be refinished, but I have used lemon oil on them so many times, I am afraid nothing would stick to them.