Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Blizzard of OZ

It's been snowing since 7:30 a.m. Wednesday with one 30-minute break the whole time.  I don't recall ever having a 30 plus hour steady snowstorm, since living here in Kansas - nor do I recall a constant snowfall for this long anywhere I have lived where snow has fallen. 

I just read that the snow that has fallen is the most in a 24 hour period yesterday, as recorded at the K-State Agric Research Center, located just south of Hays, in 110 years.  Today's information is not out yet.  We didn't get to hear the thunderstorm that was heard on the eastern side of the state.  I have experienced it before, in fact I think a couple of years ago for us here.
Ain't my trailer's propane bottles cute with their snow caps?

I had cleared off the top of our alley trash cart less then 24 hours ago from this picture taking.  And, there was a path to the cart between the garage and trailer.

This little light is right next to my trailer's door and that little "bump" to the right, is the very top of my step stool corner sticking out of the snow where it is situated just under the trailer.

Snow drift in front of garage door.

Looking back at house from garage - lotta driveway to shovel!  I'll be brave and just back up the truck.  Nope, no 4-wheel drive.

And, looking at garage and trailer from house.

My generator - I had cleared around it and the top Wed afternoon.  That's snow from about 20 hours.

A wave of snow on the garage roof.  Thought it was cool.

Yup, there's the truck.  That's the trailer's battery solar panel hanging off the back end.
By golly, there is the mail person delivering mail.  Well, as they say: "Neither snow nor. . . "
Love the wind sculptured snow hanging off the porch roof.

Neighbor's daughter Sidney, showing off the icles on my house.


  1. All that snow doesn't look like much fun. Keep warm..jc

  2. I used to love kicking off icles as a kid....hope the warmer temps arrive soon and melts it all away! We dug out early this a.m. in Central IL...but nothing as deep as you! Be safe.