Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Let the Melting Begin . . . .

Backyard thermometer says it's 41 degrees out back.  That's enough to start that melting. A nice slow melt would be good so that it would soak into the ground. We ended up with 17 inches from the storm last week.  We didn't see but maybe a half inch from the one that hit the State this week.  Wichita area got 21 inches for the month of February - an all time record for the month of February for them.

I got the de-humidifier set up in the trailer today.  Wouldn't surprise me if we have somewhat of a wet spring.  I often have the trailer pulled over to the driveway by now; but, alas it will be sitting where it is until April/May.  At least it is up on jacks and there is a big piece of plywood underneath so where the tires are touching, they are not on the ground.

I got smart this year and pulled our trash poly cart to the front of the house before the City asks us to do so.  The alley will be pretty muddy before long and when that happens the City asks folks to bring their carts around to the street side for trash pickup.  Figured it would be easier dragging the cart over the snow then through mud.  It was.

It is so nice to see the sun.  Can go out and get my Vitamin D.


  1. Glad that you are seeing the sun! I can't imagine that much snow!

  2. We can only hope for an early Spring :O) Friends in KC excited to be stuck at home again yesterday with no school but gheez that's a lot of snow. Keeps missing us in central IL...might try your hand at a snowman or how about a snow "Casita" :O) Let the sun shine and temps rise...melt snow, melt snow!