Friday, February 15, 2013

Good/Bad Things Come in Threes . . . .

It is said that "things come in threes".  I think I have felt more bad things in groups of threes versus good things in threes in my life.  I read that in some cultures, if something was broken like a vase, then two other less valuable items were immediately broken to ward off the proverb.

Last Saturday I dropped a window fan on ye old kitchen faucet and the clunk broke the spigot part.  The window fan sits just above the kitchen sink and helps draw air through the house when needed.

I have been wanting a high rise faucet anyway - just didn't need it at this point.  I kept looking at the hole, under the sink, that one needs to climb into to change out the old and put the new in. Can I . . . . can I . . . . do it myself?  Guess won't know until I try, I told myself.

Got a new faucet from Home Depot.  Sunday I spent removing the old one - only needed help removing the lock nuts underneath and neighbor Kris helped there.  Cleaned all the old caulking away.  Took a day of rest and Tuesday started installing the new one.  The outside of the box said "Easy to install" and everything I read said the new faucets are much easier to install - the hard part is removing the old ones.  That's what I encountered.  Think it took me less then an hour to install and check for leaks.  It was easy. Am thankful I could do it too.

Today, I had planned on running into Hays to do some grocery shopping.  Got all "dolled" up (for me) and jumped into the truck; and, it wouldn't start.  The clicking sound did not sound good. Oh s*#t.  I checked the battery and the voltage was down just a tad due to the number of times I tried to start the engine; but, all the lights and radio worked.

Called my local Toyota dealer, whom I have used since I bought the truck, and talked to Jessie, my customer service rep.  Jessie takes care of me and Mike takes care of my truck.  I called Augie's to come tow the truck into the dealership and Jessie said they would try and get started on it this afternoon.  It's 5:30 p.m. and haven't heard from them yet. Thank heavens for towing insurance, especially right now.

At least I was here at home instead of already in Hays with a truck load of groceries.  Am thankful for that.  I shed a tear as Big Red was taken away.  My good friend has an "owie".

Okay, am waiting for the third event.  I feel it should be a "good" event and not another event with outgoing $$$$$.  Hey, incoming $$$$$$ would be a good event.


  1. What a freak accident with the fan and the water faucet! That's one I've never seen. At least your mishaps are interesting. :D

    Hope talking about it defuses #3, and that a string of good things are on the way for you!

  2. Love the new water faucet! Reminds me of my new high rise in the Casita...which I am now constantly using.

    Sounds like you have a good support to deal with all of those little annoying parts of life!

  3. Good luck on the truck and your thitd event:-)