Monday, December 23, 2013

Mom's milk toast and the flu

When my brother and I were little tykes, mom would fix us warm milk and put pieces of bread in the bowl - for milk toast; and we had to eat it.  I couldn't ever stand it.

This morning I woke up really feeling under the weather - headache, scratchy throat, slight fever and just achy all over - not only in the joints but in between.  Abdominal area doesn't feel too good either.

I got up around 10:30 and gave some instructions to Jim to fix me some tea and toast.  He fixed spiced chai tea in some hot milk and a slice of toast.  Instead of mixing them together in a bowl, I drank the milk tea and ate the toast separately and had "milk toast" in my tummy.  Worked much better that way.

It does feel a bit like flu and guess the flu shot I got back in mid-October didn't include whatever strain I have (or at least lessening the effect of whatever strain I have.)  Back to bed for awhile.

If I don't get back on before Christmas, I wish everyone a very special day.  And, if you are celebrating another holiday this month, I send my most gracious wishes to  you.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Eggie is Home (almost), and

WHAT A NICE looking new cardiologist I have!

WELL, THE "man of my heart" Eggie is close by - right across the street where I can see him.

I TRIED to get Eggie into my carport parking area, but my truck is too long to maneuver around in an alley with gas meters, telephone poles, fences and so on.  I tried a suggestion made by my neighbor across the alley - and it partially worked but I just kept getting too much crank between the trailer and truck.  I feel it still can be done,
I want him right where the yellow arrow is.  I'll get him there - eventually.
I just have to angle right and have enough room to maneuver around.  Have been considering a front end receiver too - maybe a dolly, a mechanical or electric one as I may not be able to push in a few years.  I'll get it worked out; but, meanwhile Eggie is where I can see him and work on him too.  He is dirty!

OH AND my new cardiologist.  Yup, yup, yup.  Think I am going to like him; though, problem may be getting accurate blood pressure readings!  I am currently 2 months behind in having information from the pacemaker downloaded.  I am a abit anxious to see what has happened as there has been a bit of a strain on the ole ticker, what with the move and such with stress and worry.  I'll be going back to Las Cruces next week for downloading that info.  I have a Medtronics PM and a rep is the one who has to do it, the cardio goes over the report to see what activity has gone on and how often ye ole PM has  had to kick in.  In February, will be getting the full gambit of a diagnostic testing done to see how the plumbing is doing.

OOPS AND TODAY I discovered I forgot to put some antifreeze on top of the commode's flapper thingy.  There is RV antifreeze in the black tank, but forgot to leave some in the bowl.  And the flapper thingy is frozen shut.  We have been fortunate to not have the miserable weather that has been plaguing the mid-section of the country and even the northern part of NM, but are having the below freezing temperatures.  Today was beautiful with clouds hanging around all the mountains around us and a hole in the clouds right over us with the sun shining through for most of the day. We have been seeing a lot of that type of weather since we moved here.  We are the hole in the donut!

HAVE STARTED putting up Christmas decorations outside and a few inside.  It is getting me in the festive mood.  No plans this year, hope son Jim will be able to join us.  This will be the first Christmas in more years than I want to count without daughter Juno with us.  It is going to be hard.


My little Christmas trees

My favorite Christmastime Navajo rug with
it's red and green colors.

MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS are going out to all my family, friends and readers, of all faiths, for a joyous season, and a safe one and that you have love from family and friends like I do.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

We Got Snow in Da Desert

BEEN waiting until the weather got "nasty" and I had to stay inside, to write another entry in my blog.  Meanwhile, I just keep doing stuff outside, inside and where ever when this beautiful weather allows.

WE HAVE had several nice rains and I have to remember that the "rains" here are different than in Kansas.  I guess I would call them more like desert squalls - in, dump rain, and gone.  The mulberry tree is shedding its leaves and I "raked" up the leaves.  I have never "raked" up leaves on a gravel yard before using a leaf blower - like chasing a herd of cats.  I got it figured out.  I have trimmed a Mormon Tea bush that has grown into the alley because the trash truck is running over the bush in its trek to getting to the trash dumpster.

MUCH LATER: It's snowing, its snowing right now.  Took a couple of pictures of the snow coming down and a couple cactus plants in the yard:
The "beavertail", as I call it.

Yucca in snow

Yucca still blooming in the "bloomin" snow

Truck partially under the carport cover.
DO YA think I am excited?  Yup.  It's 28 degrees outside and the wind is blowing; but it doesn't feel like a Kansas 28º with the wind blowing.

UNPACKING of boxes is pretty much done, just a couple more to go.  Still some odds and ends I need to put somewhere but not in big rush.

Picture I took of living room awhile back; and
now.  Much better but not done.
HERE IS a view out my kitchen window (before snow natch):
Now if I could just move that pole.  That red splotch
just to the middle right, is our life flight helicopter.  It
is pretty close and stationed at the hospital.

Okay, gotta go back outside to see how much more there is.  Have a good evening.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Priorities - Right?

Got to have the morning coffee area organized and ready to go, right?
Course I have moved it 3 times already, hope this is the last for awhile.

Doesn't matter if the rest of the place looks, well. . . . . (kind of like we just moved in).

We have "gobs" of bubble wrap, which am going to donate to a couple of thrift stores.
The kids taking apart one of the futons, the Hajek's left, so daughter Juno could fill a void in her living room (I brought the sofa here with me).  She and her cats have found it verrrry comfortable.

Our first home cooked dinner together - all 4 of us - in my new home.  The Hajek's left us a bottle of champagne and 4 beautiful fluted champagne glasses, in the refrigerator, to celebrate.  Err, have gained some weight, I see by the picture, must be all that take-out, grab-what-I-can food I've eaten over the last 3 months.  
I have just signed the papers at the abstract company.  Chuck & Geri are almost ready to head out on their trek to Florida.  They left the next morning in their 5th wheel.  Chuck and Geri use to own little trailers, like mine as that is how I met Geri, when she was living in Eastpointe FL.  That is where they are headed now to hang their hats for awhile.

We have been fortunate and found a doctor right away - Dr Kyoung Lee, who is also new to TorC.  Jim and I really like him.  Dr Lee is setting me up with a cardiologist in Las Cruces, since my quarterly pacemaker report is now past due.  I am learning how the town is laid out and where the essential businesses are located.  Nice grocery store downtown, called Bullocks.  Gave Jim a windshield tour of the downtown area and the Rio Grande River - not much in it right now but flowing a little.

Eggie is in storage for awhile, parked between two BIG boys.  Think he'll hold his own with them. I will have a place for him here eventually; but, for right now I did not want "him" to distract me from getting the new home livable.

When was the last time you saw an avocado green commode?

Until next time.  (maybe most of the boxes will be gone at next posting)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Will the Boxes Ever End??????

A bed!  Wow!  Housemates bedroom is beginning to look like a bedroom again.  Me, am still sleeping just on the mattress with no sheets yet.  They were found last night but I was just, well - - - -.

Kids and I had dinner with Geri and Chuck up at Elephant Butte Country Club.  No membership required.  Beautiful area and the food was good; but, the company was a whole lot better.  I am sure going to miss those two.  A whole lot.

We have Internet now, so am in touch with what is going on.  Not happy with what I am hearing/reading about the closure of lots of national parks due to the shutdown.  Geez, wonder whose fault that is - hmmm seems like those elected folks up there in Wash DC.

Kids and I are going to work on some more boxes today - either opening or getting them into storage; then, tomorrow daughter Juno and I are going to explore the TorC area.  She is fascinated with the town.

Plans call for daughter and I to leave on Sat and head back to the Kansas house.  I'll be there for a week to finish up paint touch-ups, etc; then watch daughter participate in The Day of Caring for breast cancer survivor activities on Sat the 12th and then I'll work my way back home with my little trailer.

I'll work on some pictures - probably when I get back.  I keep forgetting to take some pictures.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Almost there. . . . ..

We are up and getting around.  Breakfasts are done, sleeping bags are rolled up, stuff is piled by the door here at son's home.  Now to just load.  We have just a little over an hour to go.  Chuck and Geri will meet us at Walmart to escort us to our new home.  (I think I remember the way, but they wanted to do the fanfare!)

It's a beautiful morning

Sunday, September 29, 2013

We are in The Land of Enchantment

We aren't "home" yet, but in Clayton NM for the night.  We hooked up with US-56 at Dodge City Ks and took 56 all the way here.  Not much to "write home about".  Daughter Juno, son Jim and I took turns driving either the pickup or the U-Haul with no problems.

Son and housemate stayed at the local Days Inn for a couple of nights since the beds were packed in the truck.  I stayed in my little trailer and daughter stayed at home.  The last night, presented us with a whopper of a thunderstorm that had my little trailer just a jumping around.  I did not put the stabilizers down so he was a bit bouncy.

Earlier in the day the carpets had been cleaned and I was advised to keep the ceiling fans on and the windows open as long as possible.  So I went to bed with the windows open.  In fact, I was so tired I went to bed at 7:30 p.m.

At 9:30 I was awakened by the sound of a few rain drops on the trailer roof - ah, should I go in and shut the windows or should I just stay here snuggled in my nice bed in the trailer.  I got up and went and closed the windows.  Was I glad I did as at around 12:30, the storm hit and the winds blew with big gusts of wind - now was the time I could stay snuggled in my bed with warm blankets around me as this was a norther with cold winds.
The storm system was pretty widespread as we encountered rain puddles here in New Mexico yesterday.

Today (Sunday) we head for Socorro and spend the night at son's home and then south to Truth or Consequences Monday morning.  Geri and Chuck will be happily (she says) awaiting us and to help us with the unloading( maybe not as much when they see the 130+ boxes loaded in the U-Haul).  Here's hoping that goes much faster then the loading.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Eggcarto Has New "SHOES"

I finally got new tires for the trailer.  Finally.  The old ones had around 40,000 miles on them and according to the date stamp are getting close to 5 years old.  Trailer has been sitting for little over a year.  I never took it out to "exercise" (rotate) the tires. even though I had them up on jacks.

Well one thing I have learned, is that my muscles maybe in shape to work on the house, the others aren't in shape to hitch up the trailer.  I had no trouble going through and remembering the various things that had to be done to hitch up - even double checked against my check-list.  Almost like never forgetting to ride a bike or type on a typewriter. Typewriter?  Okay that dates me.

The big problem came when I attempted to get the trailer pulled past the garage.  Won't go into an explanation, but between the truck and the trailer I could have taken out the southwest corner of the garage.  Ha.  Ended up using the jack wheel, unhitching, pushing the front of the trailer away from the garage, re-hitching and THEN successfully getting the trailer where I wanted it for the night.  I was pooped and hungry so we ordered pizza from Arthur's Pizza and Mexican Food. So Eggcarto is back in his home spot now, sporting new tires.  Next is a new battery as the current one is 5 years old.

I had stopped by daughter's house before unhitching and picked up her dog Buster.  Buster likes to be "truck dog" so brought him over while I unhitched.  He met the neighbor's cat who doesn't like dogs and they ended up having a little go around.  Juno, Buster hasn't forgotten how to chase cats! (Juno has a feral cat that adopted her & shortly thereafter presented here with a litter of kittens.  The feral cat doesn't run from Buster - she just puts up with him.)

In a week the U-Haul truck will be loaded and the carpets will be getting cleaned as well as a little bit of plumbing work being done.  A week from tomorrow we shall be on the road.  Son, who lives in Socorro NM, will be here to help load and drive; daughter Juno is taking time off to help load and drive too.  And Buster is going with us, but not driving and I doubt he will be doing any loading.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More Updates


Okay, this is current.  I did make current comments in italics in the previous post [the one that I just lost].  Okay where was I?  Three weeks to go.  Three weeks from today we will be in New Mexico.  Son will be coming to help load and drive. Daughter is taking vacation time to help load and drive.  Yea.

We've had only one more lookie see since I wrote the below and the place is too small for her needs.  But still keeping the place cleaned, lawn mowed - it is drying out again with the week or so of 100º days.  Cooler temps are predicted, plus maybe some rain.

I was hoping to make the KS Eggstravagana Casita rally at Milford Lake, Near Junction City; but, it just didn't work out to go this year, so am going to make every effort to go next year. I did get an oil change for Big Red truck but he got a 4-wheel alignment instead of a tire rotation.  It wasn't a big problem, but (gulp) I had not had an alignment in almost 100,000 miles.  And it wasn't too much out of alignment, said the techie.

Every year, the elm tree aphids (not the same as aphids you find on, say roses,) converge upon elm trees.  They are propagated by ants as the aphids produce a sap that is called "honeydew" and the ants looooove the honeydew. (Kind of like cattle ranchers, except the ants are the aphid ranchers!)  Problem is the honeydew doesn't stay in the tree or consumed totally by the ants (am giving you a generalization).  It has to drop - on the ground, on plants, on vehicles, on houses.  This year, the aphids have been extremely productive.  

Under the tree looked worse
on the siding.
One morning I walked out to go to the garage and noticed my siding under the elm tree, was black (it wasn't like that a couple of days earlier).  No way could I have a house up for sale with that ugly black on it.  And, since we still can't use water outside, power washing was out.  I filled buckets of water from my rain barrel and scrubbed the sap off.

Yukkie honeydew on
iris leaves.
Then I noticed my iris plant leaves, under the elm, were stained black, as well as the patio stones and so on.  What a mess.

Medical offices told me that they would have to charge me 25¢ a page for my medical records if I picked up the records - even to put on disc; but, it would not cost anything to have my new docs request the records because it is "continuing coverage".  So guess will go that way - cheaper at least.

Ended up paying my neighbor to finish painting the house eaves for me.  He could get
I managed to paint the east
side eaves.
out in the heat and work, so that job is done.  He
Fans new medallion
also put up the new living room ceiling fan medallion - at least the ugly spot is covered up.

Am taking a break from scraping carpet tape off the concrete front porch; so, will have something cool to drink, read the paper and make a few comments here.  And, let the hair dryer cool down too.  Using heat seems to be the fastest way to remove that tape.  I am replacing the outdoor 20+/-" wide carpet piece with a like 5x7 piece.  Who(m) ever slicked down the top of the solid concrete porch (when it was still wet), didn't realize that when it is cold, colder, and coldest that surface is slicker than shiny ice.  You can slide on it - and like me, end up on your ba-hunkass. Since, I have learned there is a rough surface paint that can be applied - or paint and throw sand on it while it is wet.  I like the carpet idea.  It can be easily cleared of snow and doesn't get slick, not at least in the 4/5 years I've had this runner.  That's my project for today and tomorrow.
Scrape, scrape, scrape off old tape.

Well, my thermometer out front says it is 104º with heat index of 109º.  I knew when I got to the part of the porch (facing south) that was in the sun, it would be easier to get the carpet tape up.  Yup.  I spread some very fine dust over the glue for now and will wash with soap and water this evening.

The boxes have piled up in daughter's garage.  Am now starting to leave them here at my house and if anyone wants to look they will understand when they are told we are moving.

Autumn Morning by Ken Johnston
I have two large prints from a favorite artist Ken Johnston that I am packing extra special.  Ken wrote on this one: "Especially for Emily. May each morning find your heart filled with the Light of Love."  It is titled Autumn Morning. On the one titled: Fog and Frost, he wrote - "For Emily. May each moment of peace embrace you in this painting and in your life."  I see them each morning when I wake up.
Fog & Frost by Ken Johnston
They were framed beautifully by a friend who lived in Oologah OK, when I lived in Claremore - famed for the Will Rogers museum. Sandi was an artist herself and a beautiful person. She was the first person I had experienced the life and death of one's struggle with breast cancer.

Well, the utilities (except gas & electricity) have been notified of cutoff dates and the new ones have start dates. I'll get my new cell phone when I get there since I am using a local server here. I have met with the plumber who will be replacing the toilet bowl and with the carpet cleaners also.  So many things to check off the list. I'll come back the following week to do some painting and touch ups; then hitch up Eggie and head for my new home.  I'd like to take a looooong way home.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Little Respite in Pierre SD

On August 19th, I did get away for 5 days to see my friend Mary in Pierre SD.  She sent me a message and wondered if I could take some time and get away for a break.  So on the (really) spur of the moment that was the only week I could.  I drove out to pick up Antique Mike in Oakley and we drove up to Pierre.  Mary use to own the RV park I worked at for 2 summers and Antique Mike owns the antique store next to the park.

 These are pictures of the ba-zillion sunflowers in the Nebraska Sand Hills.  And, my solar-powered bobbing sunflower, a present from my brother. I had never seen the Hills covered like this.

The Sand Hills of Nebraska were gorgeous.  It was just the most beautiful sight to see.  We did have a good week sightseeing, eating, relaxing, more sightseeing and more eating.  We spent time exploring the Capitol building as well as the State Historical Museum.
Antique Store owner Mike and Mary with Capitol building behind.

South Dakota Veterans Memorial adjacent to Capitol.  The lake
is fed by a natural spring located nearby.
Here the panel is going to be placed in a
transporting box for cleaning.

We did get to see the Capitol dome's stained glass windows being removed for cleaning and repair.  Interesting.

The stained glass panel is in that box being lowered.

Pierre is a small, quaint town.  In just a matter of 3 or 4 minutes, from the Capitol building, you are out of town.  The population is around 13/14 thousand and smaller than my nearby community of Hays.  Pierre sustained extensive flood damage a few years ago from melting snows that emptied into the Missouri River.  You can still see damage but a lot of repair and rebuilding going on.  Lots of little houses that are even smaller than mine.  We watched one, down the street from Mary's, being moved onto a lot.
And then it is just slid to the lot.
Thanks Mary for an enjoyable week and a break from all the moving activities.  I'd like to do some more exploring with my little trailer.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Burn Out! Burn Out!

Think I am starting to get through that phase.

Got so tired of the scraping old paint, applying primer, waiting to harden, painting, scraping, etc.  Got tired of keeping the house clean! Got tired of praying for rain so my grasses didn't totally die out; and it went on and on.

We had a nice half inch rain last night and the once brown grass amazingly turned green overnight!  I did a little painting on the eaves but often used the excuse that it was too hot and paint doesn't do good over 90º.  Becomes quite thick.  My legs were getting tired of up and down the ladder.  So taking a break

But the rain and greening of the grass is helping bring me out of the burn out.  I did do a little baking and let the house get dirty!  That made it look lived in.

I just have the trim around the storage area over the closet to do in the back bedroom and to paint the inside of the closet a white color.  I gave myself to the end of August to complete painting the eaves on the east and west sides of the house.  No picture of a "burned out Emily".

No lookie seers, but that is not surprising.  It's too dang hot to house hunt.  At least I
wouldn't be out looking.

And another reason for a break, was daughter had a laproscopic hysterectomy 10 days ago and mom needed to be available to help, especially if it ended up being an abdominal surgery instead.  I spent a couple of nights with her.  She's getting back on her feet very well.  She got her car back yesterday (I had been using it) as the doctor said no driving for 7-10 days.  She's contemplating going back to work part-time next week.  I run over to do heavy lifting (over 10 pds) of things or help otherwise.  I did some weeding this morning to take advantage of the soft ground after our rain.

I feel I am getting closer to spending a little time with my trailer.  He looks so neglected out back.  Don't ask how a "neglected" trailer looks. Going to have to figure out how to give the trailer a "dry" bath since we cannot use water outside anytime.  Do you suppose by the end of August I might still have some water in my rain barrels to use?

Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Open House is Over

Wow, it's a lot of work getting a house ready for the selling stage . . . make it look spacious, make it look impersonal, make it look healthy, etc.  Or maybe that's just part of the marketing side of my previous professional life.  But, it still looks so EMPTY.

There was a print mix up on the time of the open house in the realtor's ad - not sure whose fault it was. Tim said that 3 older couples came by to look.  This is a nice retiree house with everything on the same floor, not a big house to keep clean, and an easy yard to maintain.

Now I don't feel so pressured to get this done and get that done, especially now that I don't have that much left to do - still finish painting the trim in the back bedroom and the eaves on the east and west side of the house.  And, a few other small projects.

I am taking a few days off and visiting my friend Sarah and Sherry in Dodge City KS for the 4th celebration.  This is our traditional "burnt hot dog and potato salad" get-together we do during the summer.

I ran across this quote in a comment on RVSue and Crew's blog (listed in my list of blogs I follow to the right) and it clunked me on the forehead. I cringe when I hear music from my past or see pictures of old cars, etc. I guess I am just not ready to be in the real old age mind frame yet according to May Sarton: “I suppose real old age begins when one looks backward rather than forward.”

Have a safe and fun 4th Celebration.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Back to the Painting. . . .

The For Sale sign is up, the papers signed and all the questions (for now) are answered.  I think I know more about my house now than I did before going through a bazillion papers!

The house is "staged" which means there is nothing (really) personal showing.  All personal pictures and items are boxed and stored for the move in September.  It is amazing how the removal of 3 or 4 pieces of furniture gives such a "spacious" look. Re-arranged the remaining pieces and wa-law, a new look.

There are still projects to work on:  the painting in the back bedroom, painting the eaves outside on the west and east sides of the house, scrubbing of the dining room floor, finish cleaning the siding and window washing on the west side.
How does siding get so dirty?  Cleaned on left, dirty on right.
 I think I am going to wait about painting the walls, I might tackle the dining room.

Right now I need to focus on painting the back bedroom.  So it is back to scraping off the paint placed over the oil-based enamel.  I'll sand and clean the enamel, then paint over with a bonding primer before applying color.  I did this process to a cabinet door and let the primer have a good month to harden.  I have banged and scraped that primer and it is not budging.
At least it is easy to scrape off.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Okay, must confess to all my activities lately:

My abode is for sale.
Oh by the way, that's the neighbor's dog Isabelle on the porch.
Eggie, housemate Jim and I will be moving to New Mexico - Truth or Consequences in fact.  I will be buying the home of two dear friends Geri and Chuck.  They plan on full-timing in their 5th-wheel trailer and will be based out of Florida.

Besides doing all that kitchen work and back bedroom work, I have been packing boxes, and boxes, and boxes of stuff.  Would have been a whole lot more boxes if daughter Juno and I hadn't participated in the Ellis City-Wide garage sale on June 1.  And, afterwards the local thrift shop came by and picked up what we had left.

Where the heck did all those forms and questions come from that I had to answer.  Geeze, I think I know more about the house than I did before.

I found a picture of the front of the house when I bought it.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

FINALLY! The Cabinet Doors are

going back up!  It has been two months since I took them down; stripped them and put on new primer, let that cure and harden and then put the finish coats of semi-gloss on them and let that paint cure and harden.  Actually the finish coats have another week to 10 days to finish hardening.  Being as it's an acrylic paint, it needs 30 days to harden  But, I was getting impatient.  We won't close them for those remaining 7-10 days though.

I did drop one on the top of my left foot from the counter.  The door did suffer a little damage to the paint and see a little color showing up in the ankle area of my foot.  The cabinetry in this house is made from a very heavy and hard wood.  And, probably all hand done on site back in the 40's too.  The hinges I cleaned off and sprayed with a chrome paint turned out pretty good - not as pretty as polished chrome, but I am happy.

Still to do in the kitchen is to paint the ceiling - that's later.  I want to enjoy my new cabinets for awhile.

The touchup and detail work is almost done in the bathroom.  The inside of the door and cabinets got their finishing paint 3 weeks ago and the paint is still hardening.  The mirror and door hooks are back up.  The door hardware will go back up in 10 days or so as I painted the hall side of that door and the back bedroom door gray to match the trim in the hallway.

Haven't progressed much further in scraping the paint off the trim in the back bedroom but have my paint purchased and ready.

Since we can't do any outside watering or use water outside, I am cleaning off my siding with lots of brush scrubing.  Actually, I am waiting for a little rain and then get out there with my brushes and scrub and scrub!  Amazing how much dust collects on the siding in a year.  The windows and their screens are getting cleaned too.  This will take me a couple of weeks, since my legs are not fond of a lot of ladder climbing.

I have two grand-nephews with birthdays right after Memorial Day weekend, so busy making the new pillowcases.  Dustin is going to be 5 on Tuesday and Tyler will be 2 on Friday.  This is the fabric for Tyler - doggies, race cars and fishies. This is my project for Friday. (besides putting up the 2 remaining cabinet doors)
I hope every one has an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend and a safe one.  I am going to be spending more time getting ready for the city-wide garage sale daughter and I are participating in on June 1.

Monday, May 13, 2013

It Ani't Snow. . .

It's white and cold, but hurts like h#&* if they hit you on the head!  And, since today's temp was in the mid-90's, I had to bring back the picture of our last snow.  So, hence the last snow picture (of 4/23).

Yup, that's a hailstone coming down -5/7
Moving along with the kitchen painting.  I hope to have everything in that room back together by the 1st of June.

Cabinets are getting painted and their cleaned, shined/polished hardware added.

Drawers are getting very old Contact paper (3 layers in fact) removed and painted.
 Doors are getting painted.
 More doors and lower cabinet doors are painted in an off white.
 The upper kitchen cabinet doors are a sage green color.
Now it's just waiting for the paint to harden before I put them back in a couple of weeks.
Meanwhile, I am still working in the back bedroom, stripping paint off the trim, then 2 coats of primer, then the color.  That will take another few weeks.
Oh, am back to working on my ribbon wind socks so I'll have some to sell at the city-wide garage sale daughter and I are participating in on June 1.

Okay, back to work!