Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Two Week Update . . . .

What a change - from virtually not being able to move to riding a stationary bicycle today.

The physical therapist really does push Jim; and, Jim says that he always feels good afterwards.  That's not quite what he said before the 2nd session with the PT.  He cussed and cussed that PT all morning before heading to therapy.  Now, he somewhat giddily looks forward to the sessions.  Wish he would work that hard at home, but he diligently does exercising twice a day - or he wouldn't be as far along as he is.

Jim has been sitting to get in and out of the bathtub to shower; today he was able to lift his right leg high enough to clear the tub edge without assistance.  The PT is working with him to get his legs high enough to climb in and out of the tub in a standing position.

Me, am doing okay - at least I am sleeping in longer spells at night now, since Jim is getting out of bed by himself; as well as chairs.  I don't have to help him very much.  Now, it's just get new dentures so he can eat regular food.  I have been pretty creative with baby food though.

I've had my moments of frustration, being mad, emotional, helpless and fatigue.  In reading articles about caregivers, these are typical feelings.  The worst feeling is feeling guilty at having those moments.

Today I dropped off his Medicaid application as I wanted to get it in before Medicare started processing all his bills.  From what I have read once Medicare has made adjustments and made payments those medical bills cannot be counted toward the Spendown.  See, I am learning about Medicaid.

When I finished talking to the clerk at the office, I thanked her for all her help and told her that I needed all the help I can get as this is all new to me since I've never been old before.  She had to think about that one.

My gosh I haven't even thought about Christmas yet - let alone Christmas cards.


  1. I'm learning more about medicare every day, and not sure I like any of it. Glad Jim is doing so good. Know that makes your life a little easier.

  2. None of us has ever been old before! The great thing is that there are so many of us in this together. Can't really get into feeling too sorry for ourselves...all we need to do is look around.

    Glad that the real hard part of caregiving is fading into the past. Celebrate all the little accomplishments as mileposts to remember.

  3. So glad that things are a little easier for you, Emily. Hope everything continues to improve and you have more time to do the things you want to for a change. :)

    As for the getting old part... yes, there are a LOT of us in this together!

  4. Emily, I think of you a lot. I need to put your blog on a more prominent place in my bookmarks. I keep forgetting that I'm not subscribed to it. I wish I could figure out how to subscribe. If I could subscribe, your post would pop up on my dashboard and I'd see it the day you post it. I'd love that.

    Sounds like things are moving right along with recovery. I'm glad he's being so compliant and doing so well! I hope you are feeling good.