Friday, November 23, 2012

The Man with the New Hip Will be Coming Home

And a Trailer is Decorated for the Holidays

First time I have decorated the trailer.  Eggie is a New Mexican at heart so I put up my chile pepper lights. I can see the lights out my kitchen window.

Housemate Jim will be coming home tomorrow afternoon, after his hip replacement surgery. I go in tomorrow morning and spend time with him and his physical therapist. I will be learning the "hows" and the "do nots".

One of the concerns we both have is Jim being able to get in and out of my truck without too much difficulty.  So the therapist is going to simulate getting in and out of a pickup compared to a car height vehicle by mocking up a "pickup" for him to practice on.

The house has been re-arranged with chairs moved around with the one he will be using for awhile in the living room now.  I have also lowered his bed so that he won't have to "jump" up on it.  We already have other "tools" needed to make life a bit easier for him.  Thank heavens he doesn't need the use of a wheel chair as he wouldn't be able to go through doorways - well he would be able to go into the bathroom with its wide door but couldn't get there!

Well, I hope the weather where ever you are is Holiday like and you will be safe when out on those highways.


  1. Hey, don't know whether I should clog up the blog with helpful hints, or not? But we were taught that keeping the 90 degree angle is the most important. So when he is sitting, do not let him bend forward as this is the wrong angle.
    David had a "reacher" to assist with dressing, elastic in his shoe laces so he could slip them on and a device that helped put on his socks. Most of this came from a rehab center where he stayed a few days.
    Good luck! This surgery made a world of difference for my husband.

  2. Nope, advice is fine. They kept emphasizing the 90º angle. Fortunately, we have a lot of the stuff that's needed from 3 years ago, when he was suppose to have the surgery then. Only thing we gotta get is the soc slipper onner! Once the PA explained how the muscles and tendons are cut all the way thru and there isn't any support for the new hip yet, it became abundantly clear why the 90º angle - until the muscles/tendons heal themselves up and then can do their job on the hip. It's just keeping all his meds straight! He had quite a bit of trouble with nausea, more then normal.

  3. Good lookin' lights. Hope everything is going well with Jim, as I assume he is home by now.

    1. Thanks Jerry. Yes, Jim came home yesterday. Last night was the learning curve but the two students are getting things worked out. Seems like to you have to go thru the bad to get to the reward.