Friday, November 23, 2012

The Man with the New Hip Will be Coming Home

And a Trailer is Decorated for the Holidays

First time I have decorated the trailer.  Eggie is a New Mexican at heart so I put up my chile pepper lights. I can see the lights out my kitchen window.

Housemate Jim will be coming home tomorrow afternoon, after his hip replacement surgery. I go in tomorrow morning and spend time with him and his physical therapist. I will be learning the "hows" and the "do nots".

One of the concerns we both have is Jim being able to get in and out of my truck without too much difficulty.  So the therapist is going to simulate getting in and out of a pickup compared to a car height vehicle by mocking up a "pickup" for him to practice on.

The house has been re-arranged with chairs moved around with the one he will be using for awhile in the living room now.  I have also lowered his bed so that he won't have to "jump" up on it.  We already have other "tools" needed to make life a bit easier for him.  Thank heavens he doesn't need the use of a wheel chair as he wouldn't be able to go through doorways - well he would be able to go into the bathroom with its wide door but couldn't get there!

Well, I hope the weather where ever you are is Holiday like and you will be safe when out on those highways.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Surgery Report

Housemate Jim came thru surgery great.  Doc said it was "textbook prefect".  Said Jim's hard bones did give him a change in plans and had to go to a different size ball.  That was about all I understood. Doc said he should be happy with his new hip.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Whew - that was close

Housemate Jim is scheduled for his hip replacement and last Thursday he came up with a bladder infection.

Oh no, a delay we thought.  Last time he was to have a replacement it had to be postponed due to a MRSA infection.

Just talked with the doc's office and was told that since he is on such a strong medication, it should not be any problem.  Jim is so looking forward to getting this done and then the other hip ASAP.

Besides, already told daughter I wasn't cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mold? Mold on my blog?

My brother is complaining to me that it's been awhile since I posted and mold is growing on my last post. Do you think that's a hint?

Actually, the lazier (according to my definition) the less I like to write - or have to write about. Hey, have been sitting in the recliner more. I can say that so many times and then the mold will really start to grow.

I do want to mention that my bro gave me an early Christmas present.
My sky blue Kit Kat
I have failed to do that and want to thank him very much for it. "It" is a sky blue Kit Kat clock, complete with wagging tail - and that tail wagging is, well, tempermental. It wags, it stops, it barely wags, it wags normal. Right now it is stopped. When it really gets nasty outside, I'll tackle the magnet thing. But, isn't he cute?

I put the cover on the trailer, several months ago, to keep the leaves and twigs from falling onto the top and from clogging up the space between the awning and trailer body. The cover survived through mild winds; but we had some 30-40 mph winds for a couple of days awhile back - well, the leaves got blown off the 2 trees in the back yard onto other areas bypassing the trailer top; and, therefore the cover wasn't really necessary. I didn't have to remove the cover, the wind did that for me.

Last of my annual snapdragons
Daughter Juno modeled again this year in her Day of Caring activity. I took this picture of my pink snapdragons and put it in front of her Day of Caring picture from last year. I just picked the last batch of snapdragons last week. I hope I can keep the annuals to survive another winter.

Spare tire cover with trailer quilt design
Oh, I can tell when it becomes Winer time for me - I get a puzzle out and start working on it.

A project I hope to complete this Winter is to make a copy of my "Four Winds Trailer Quilt" design onto something I can hang in the back window of the trailer. Three years ago, I worked on the same design for my spare tire cover; but, alas spare tire covers don't last forever.

Housemate Jim is scheduled for a right hip replacement on the 20th, just before Thanksgiving. My time will be spent helping him (and me) with his recovery and physical therapy for 6 weeks. Since he shouldn't be using his big, plush recliner it is going to be moved to where mine is in my bedroom, mine moved out to the living room and he will mainly use the swivel rocker and my former recliner. Changes in life, changes are a comin'.

I plan on making my pillowcases for kids receiving cancer treatment in hospitals. I had such a good time shopping for fabric and making them that I want to do it again. Was self rewarding.

This year I have put some Christmas lights around and on the trailer. Haven't done that before. My decorations on the house will go up this week as I will be busy next week with housemates surgery activities. It seems so early. I don't turn them on until the weekend after Thanksgiving. Speaking of that - anyone still shop on Black Friday? Not me, working at WalMart killed that in me - not that I really ever wanted to.

I continue to experiment with rice flour bread recipes and using rice flour instead of wheat flours because of my carbo intolerance.  Haven't come up with a good bread recipe yet.  Want one that is soft, moist and good tasting.  Using rice flour is a lot different.

Until next time.