Saturday, October 6, 2012

Uh Oh - A bloody Owie

No, won't show you, just tried to take the inside of my thumb off with a hammer.  Was putting up the garage trim pieces.  You got the picture.
Before trim
After trim + a few drops of blood!

Woke up to frost on the pickup this morning.  The backyard thermometer said the low was 34º and the front one gave 33º on the front porch.  Weather folks are sending out warnings for widespread frost or even a freeze this weekend - now showing as low as 23º.

Going to use the excuse to finish the winterizing of the trailer; then won't have to worry about when the freezing temps do come in for good.

Almost am finished fertilizing the back yard.  I fence off the fertilized area to keep the neighbor's dog off the area (don't ask why) for a couple of days.  And I have only so much fence to surround the area.

Am also constructing a rack on the bed of my truck that will hold my sand tubes (I made them myself about a year ago) over the rear wheels.  I did this last year but the sand tubes were always wet from sitting on the floor of the bed; so, am raising them a bit off the bed and using some plastic I have.  I won't be putting the sand tubes in until they are needed.  I like being prepared.  No, I don't have 4-wheel drive.  Didn't want it.

If the weather is workable, will get the jacks under the trailer's frame Thurs or Friday.  LATER NOTE:  It's too cold!


  1. You are a total inspiration with all of your projects! We are tackling a few that you have already checked off.

    It is chilly down here was like a winter day, overcast, rainy and a north wind blowing. Not very October like.

    1. Today Lynne (also an absolutely miserable day here) I have done nothing except sit on my bahunkus and read a book.