Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Burst of Warm Days to Take Advantage of

We had a nice rain this morning around 2 a.m. Gave the lawn and shrubs a good watering, so I put the yard hose away - that means winter is setting in.

Vacuumed the inside of the truck for its semi-annual interior cleaning. Took good ole Armor All to clean down everything else.

The cover on the trailer has stood several Kansas wind tests and I didn't have any leaking water in this mornings rain. Maybe I have fixed the leak around the ceiling fan.

Time to get the generator cleaned up and set up for winter, in case we have any lengthy power outages. Won't run the furnace, but can run a small heater and lights with it.  Haven't tried the refrigerator but not gonna even going to look into it.

Have a few more porch furniture pieces to cover/put away. Would like to get the solar Christmas lights put up while it is nice. Won't turn them on until Thanksgiving. I don't have any exterior outlets, so the solar lights come in handy. The newer strings have bigger bulbs then the sets I have.

Had to get back on my diet as I put on a few pounds by eating too many carbs. I feel better any way.  My morning starts out with a walk on the treadmill for about 30 minutes/1 mile (knees won't let me run); then I have a breakfast of oat bran muffin (a basic recipe I expanded on), 2 strips of turkey bacon, 6-8 oz of a flavored Greek yogurt and one cup of coffee.

That holds me usually until around 1 p.m. then it's a variety of things - veggies, lean meat, salad, toasted rice bread sandwich; have an afternoon snack of homemade granola and a regular supper of some lean meat, veggie/salad, rice, fruit.

I try and keep the intake of foods rich in simple & complex carbs down as much as possible. Since I am a "mature in age" person I have experienced the body's (I'll say) misuse of carbs and the placement of those useless carbs. I also have developed an intolerance to gluten and starch, so this winter am working on recipes for gluten-free/rice flour breads, etc. I can handle rice starch as the rice starch is absorbed in the small intestine and does not cause the discomfort that other starches do a little further down the digestive line.

So anyhoo. Have been thinking of Casita friends over in the Flint Hills near Council Grove and hope they have made it through the wet weather okay. Beautiful country over there with interesting history. Mr Rob knows how to pick beautiful country to wander around in. Sometime he and Bob L. are going to share their love of that area with me.


  1. I'm glad the searing, dry summer is past, but it is a little sad to see winter coming on so quickly. Hope you don't need the generator. :)

    I dropped off the Atkins diet a couple of months ago. Need to find a better low carb diet that doesn't include so much fat. I've heard several people mention Dukan. Are you still happy with it?

    1. I still follow the Dukan Diet pretty much - am in the Stablization Stage as I have pretty much reached my goal. The first part was rough as there were many new different things to eat that I hadn't in my 70 years; or, looking at what I consumed in a different light. You probably already have crossed that plateau. If I slip, I back up and regroup.

      I like the Dukan because it's easy - no points, no calories, no going hungry. The Diet is what showed me what intolerances I have - since I pretty much cut out carbs. I love flavored greek yogurts and turkey bacon. If you'd like to try my oat bran muffin recipe, I can send it to you.

  2. Would love the recipe, Emily!

    We are planning to go home for Thanksgiving and visit family for a couple of weeks, so I think I may time the new diet to start after we get home.

    But I love oat bran muffins, and would like to try the recipe now.


    1. What is the best way to get the recipe to you? Not sure if my email address shows up at the top of my blog page, otherwise if you click on "Blog Contributors" Emily (at the very bottom of my left sidebar) that will get you to my email address.

      Since now up to 3 tbsp of oat bran a day, am working on a cookie recipe which can share later on. And if you have any questions about the Diet, ask. There are a lot of good Dukan recipe sites out there.

  3. I sent you an email a little while ago -- and added a Contact form back to my blog. :)

  4. Emily, you keep that Flint Hills trip in mind in the future.The Tallgrass Prairie express plays the third Saturday of each month at the Emma Chase. They are awesome.


    Rob and Bob